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Tivon:  Are you serious? Are you not entertained? Do you see how it pays off to stay in the game? Look where you are right now.


Let me get this straight. The IMF gave the the CBI 30 days. The CBI basics gave banks 25 days. The SWIFT basics have all banks until November. Guys do you see what is happening? Deadlines. You have no reason to doubt anymore. This is over.


Frank had the most informative call with boots on the ground confirming everything that basically spread as just rumors but from trusted sources none the less.


You are about to cross the finish line.


Tivon cont…..Frank hinted at Al-Kazemi basically already having his government which can go multiple ways which can work either way as he mentioned.  He can introduce or dissolve. Or dissolution or introduce. But guess what? It doesn’t matter because the CBI will still only have days to change the rate. So we don’t have to concern ourselves with the political side.


I always told you guys Al-Kazemi wants this done now. And what did you hear on the call? That he made a deal with the CBI.


You guys should be preparing to step into an entire new lifestyle. Things are moving for you. All you had to do was be patient. This is why I stayed on the EFSL like my life depended on it because once I done the homework I knew Al-Kazemi changed the entire landscape of this investment to speed it up and take it out of the hands of those who would have kicked thus down the road even further.


Shout out to everyone that played a huge part in keeping us informed. We all deserve credit for even having the mental tenacity to stick around this long. What a ride it has been.


Congratulations to you all. Take your bow.




BlaqueBeauty:  Yeah boyi IMO per Mr Frank ub2b…Kazemi has his government..he doesn’t need to seat it kaboom


Tivon:  Right, something that was stated many times even prior to the call. Who can you possibly sit when the elections don’t start until months from now? That’s the entire purpose of an interim government.


I told everyone Al-Kazemi didn’t need to wait for no one. Once dissolution happens he becomes everything he needs to be to jump start everything in the EFSL. This is why I stayed on this case. This is why so many political hit pieces were created. They actually thought they had the citizens so brainwashed that they would fall for the smear campaign to sway favor away from Al-Kazemi so he wouldn’t have enough support to get things done. Boy they were wrong.


Maybe in 1995 up until 2005 before social media took off it basically stole the thunder that television once had. This was what the government underestimated. They never knew how powerful alternative media would become.


Generation Z to Millineals tuned out from television a decade+ ago. Unless some dance, singing, or award show was on nobody was sitting around waiting for what Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow had to say. Especially Barbara Walters.


That’s why they had to resort to infotainment when it came to political satire from the John Stewart Daily Show or the Stephen Colbert Show. That’s the only thing that made politics somewhat interesting. Trevor Noah was basically handed a sinking ship.


Anyway I can go on and on. Goodnight KTFA. Imo




DoTalktoMe:  We are aware that banks were told they have until the 15th to be ready. Implies RI will be after that time frame.




Samson:  34 fraudulent customs transactions were seized at the port of Umm Qasr Al-Awsat port


3rd August, 2022


Wednesday, the Border Ports Authority announced the seizure of 34 forged customs transactions at the port of Umm Qasr Middle Port


The authority said in a statement, “Under the supervision and follow-up of the head of the Border Ports Authority, Major General Omar Adnan Al-Waeli, and to complete the qualitative operation carried out by us yesterday, which resulted in the seizure of (10) forged customs transactions for (engine power) wheels that were smuggled from the warehouses of Umm Qasr Al-Awsat Port. The same ports were seized (34) from forged papers and other priorities (for engine power)


She added, “After setting up a tight ambush, the suspect involved in these operations was arrested, the necessary legal measures were taken, and he and the forged priorities were referred to the competent authorities to complete his papers and investigative procedures,” noting that “the Border Ports Authority is determined to pursue those who tampered with economic security, in addition to continuing And in a field and technical way, with electronic auditing and matching, to prevent any case of smuggling, manipulation, fraud or waste of public money


And she continued, “so that the corrupt and smugglers know that the authority will always be the striking hand to prosecute them, hold them accountable, and punish them according to the law to raise the level of work and achieve government directives and recommendations  LINK


Samson:  Mr. Al-Hakim: The political system has determined the mechanisms of reform and change from within, and we support Al-Kazemi’s initiative


08/04/2022 13:10:56


The head of the State Forces Alliance, Mr. Al-Hakim, indicated today, Thursday, that the political system has defined the mechanisms of reform and change from within, pointing to its renewed support for the initiative put forward by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.


And his media office stated in a statement received by {Euphrates News} that “the developments of the political scene in Iraq and the region and the strengthening of bilateral relations between Iraq and Britain are files that we discussed during our meeting with British Ambassador Mark Brighton,” stressing the need for dialogue between political parties under the roof of the homeland and the national interest.


According to the statement, Mr. Al-Hakim added, “Change and reform need to adopt legal and constitutional contexts for its implementation,” noting in this context that the political system has defined mechanisms for reform and change from within, and we renewed our call for all political forces to assume their responsibilities towards the current political situation.


Mr. Al-Hakim reiterated our support for the initiative put forward by the current prime minister, indicating “the importance of bilateral relations between Iraq and the countries of the world.”


While stressing the maintenance of communication and interests in a way that serves the interests of Iraq and preserves its sovereignty.  LINK




Samson:  After al-Sadr’s call to dissolve Parliament, a legal expert draws a roadmap for constitutional procedures


3rd August, 2022


Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi, 08/03/2022, clarified the roadmap for constitutional procedures to achieve the demands of the demonstrators.


Al-Tamimi told Al-Masala that declaring a state of emergency is the key and the beginning of solutions, and it is announced in accordance with Article 61 ninth of the Iraqi constitution, whereby the Al-Kazemi government is empowered with extended powers and subsequent constitutional procedures and is authorized to administer the elections after the parliament is dissolved.


He added: The second step for Parliament is to dissolve itself according to Article 64, first of the constitution, and to set the date for early elections after the Al-Kazemi government completes its constitutional procedures. He added that Al-Kazemi and the President of the Republic would issue an order to freeze the constitution and to form a temporary committee to issue a temporary constitutional document by which the country would be run before the elections.


He added that at the same time, he formed a specialized body of an appropriate number of specialists to write a new constitution for the country according to a new political system. And he indicated that early elections should be held in accordance with the interim constitutional document until a referendum is held on the new constitution, which should be temporary.


He resumed saying: If the political system is transformed into a presidential or semi-presidential, the status of the Kurdistan region will be regulated by a special law legislated according to the new constitution. He concluded his speech by saying that a specialized court must be formed and tried by a decision of the Supreme Judicial Council to try the corrupt and those who caused the fall of Mosul, with retroactive effect.


The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, had called for early elections after the dissolution of the current parliament, noting that the old faces would not have any presence during the supposed upcoming elections.  LINK

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