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Turtle13:  Alright may not be anything, but my very tight lipped WM emailed my husband and I and in the middle of her email she typed in one line “I will see you guys real soon!”, now you may not think this is much but it spoke volumns to my husband and myself. Since we have an appt with her several weeks from now, we thought that was real odd!! Anyway no haters just a feeling we have, and for my husband to agree with me was huge!!! Have a great day evedryone… Love to all my TNT family!!

Olesailor:  I took Okie’s presence to be a grand farewell from a stately Gentleman, any taker’s on that?

OK Rocks:  All I know is I felt like we touched the RV when Okie came in last night… what a great way for us to end this final saga… love that man

Haystack:  It would be great if all who believe in prayer would offer a special prayer for Okies daughterinlaw. Prayer changes things.

Iko Ward:  Okie said this week. I doubt he would have come on OM if he didn’t believe it.

Elmerf123456: Thank you all for who took notes. Okie was only gonna do 15 minutes and stayed almost two hours. What a great guy. Bless TNT. You fortunate to be on OM heard the voice of a legend and in chat thanks to those who transcribed were part of a very rare moment. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.! TNT Strong.

Lilypad:  on Frank26 call last night frank said larger lower denoms already out to public in some areas but not all areas. He also referred to smaller lower demons coming out first of January but is expecting early release of Dec 15th

[LAS] on Frank26 call – They are about to do the MR….the banks have been loaded with LD’s….in fact being giving to the citizens now.


FreedomBoomer:  Cabinet approves 2016 budget law amendment   Link

FreedomBoomer:  Maliki going to Tehran for treatment

Maliki in Tehran for treatment Baghdad/Obelisk: Nouri al-Maliki’s Office announced, Tuesday, that the latter will travel tomorrow to the Iranian capital of Tehran for the purpose of treatment. The Office said in a statement that Al-Maliki would travel Wednesday to the Iranian capital of Tehran to visit curative. The Office said that “Maliki’s visit will last for several days.”  Link

Fireball92:  Get In On The World’s First Graphene IPO​dwords