TNT (The Big Call Highlights)

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Some Highlights From “The Big Call” Tuesday 11-24-15

PinkRoses: Bruce call: has a guest tonite

Mangelo: Bruce call: Kent started the teachings

Mangelo: Bruce call: he is excited and with all the exciting projects he will be able to do! we should all be excited

PinkRoses: Bruce call: intel prerspective it is very positive, in a general sense not trying to call it on this call, but in an anytime moment

Mangelo: Bruce call: on the intel he is getting is at a anytime moment, Bruce call: we should have this before our Holiday has the Chinese want it that way

PinkRoses: Bruce call: the information is positive us having this before Thanksgiving. That is the intention for that to occur. There is a deadline imposed by the IMF which is Monday, and we should prior to that, and ? wants it before our holiday, thursday. I heard tonite the LD going out in Iraq

PinkRoses: Bruce: that timing important to us in terms what we are looking for. nice info. we are at the point to kick back and enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner and friends. my case with friends. same time intending to have a big call on Thursday night

Mangelo: Bruce call: we should plan on a nice Thanks giving with our blessings coming

PinkRoses: Bruce call: we will see what is going on at that time, maybe a celebration call. that is the intention.

Mangelo: Bruce call: we should have a celebration Call on Thursday!

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Thursday night call should be a short call, basic one. Should be in good shape where we are tonight without saying much more.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: going over some prayer requests…. reading some gratitude emails

Mangelo: Bruce call: is praying for all of us now……he is going to have his guest talk now

PinkRoses: Guest speaker talking now

PinkRoses:  Bruce : stay tuned to big call through the period to help with the proccess of what we can talk about. Set appointments with the bank, do not walk into the bank. CAll 800 number and make an appt. even if you are a small holder.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: make sure you call the 800# and don’t just walk into the bank

PinkRoses: Bruce: get an exchange location near you so convenient for you. possible to with someone else for security, they will have security there. Make sure set up your appt to meet with wealth mangement with that bank, set appt to go bank. opportunity of having a cpa to help you with the bank. trust, LCC banks can do with no charge

Mangelo:  Bruce call: make sure your appointment is with a banker and set up another appointment with wm

Mangelo:  Bruce call: we are in good shape, we should be exchanging very shortly!!!!!!

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: We are in good shape guys to receive this blessing. We expect to be exchanging very shortly. STay postive, be in faith in this, and pray to have wisdom to exchange carefully.

PinkRoses:   Bruce: Happy Thanksgiving everybody. hoping we have a wonderful blessing with that.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: closing prayer

PinkRoses:  The big call Bruce reply is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456