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HopeinWyo:  I KNOW just about everybody has to be trying to imagine exactly how it will feel when this really does happen!! After YEARS of waiting, hoping, dreaming, needing help, but trusting…what will it REALLY be like to say…It’s Done!!!

SassyD:  Guess the Dow has NO future !!!!!……. Weird !!!……

If you would like to see for yourself and follow the rate changes:

Lvrofrdsox68:  1080.6 I wonder what that means but can’t be bad

Iko Ward:  1080.6 is very, very good
SassyD:  Lvrofrdsox68.. More important…. Forex hasn’t returned to the 1166, or near, in a week now !!!!!!!

Luvwolfs:  Sassy it is a beautiful site to see that flatline on forex


Iko Ward:  OK guys, here it is. Nothing has changed, only improved. We are all hearing consistent opinions that all is past ready, there are no more excuses, and the long 4 day weekend is the perfect time.

Couple that with all the threats from various power brokers if it isn’t done by the 30th there will be serious consequences and I’d say we may have just reached the finish line.

The actual exchange rates will lag behind on Forex, but the continuing trend is a good sign.


LeadRam:  Happy Thanksgiving, TNT! Enjoy Stephen Colbert’s “Butterball Hotline Skit”….share the smiles this special holiday.