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Iko Ward : Oh where oh where is our Forex poll / Oh where oh where can it be? / With it’s little dark eyes it will be a surprise / Oh where oh where can it be…Little bugger’s being elusive this morning

Iko Ward:  So we went up a tad. Still in the sweet spot. Let’s see what the day brings. Remember, the rest of the planet is working.

Kue911:  To dream the impossible dream. To fight the unbeatable for(ptb). To try when your arms are to weary. To reach the unreachable star(RV). RV RV RV

Crushr13:  I would be most thankful this Thanksgiving if our SCAM (Significant Currency Awaiting Multiplication) came to pass today. A Very Happy Thanksgiving to all of us!!

Rockymntlady:  OM (Open Mic Call)  was fully pumped last night! If things go as well as it looked last night, enjoy Thanksgiving but keep phone handy and have great expectations for Black Friday!

Texastwc:  USA/IQD 1078.20 11/26   Link

Iko Ward:  So, as of 7:05 PM EST the basket is set. Dinar is at 1078.1. What happens a little after 8PM will be significant to what we can expect this weekend. Remember, the rest of the world isn’t closed tomorrow or Friday.

[LAS] iko on OM -mentoring forex for 2 years – in the past forex reset to 1166 as published by the CBI on their site; whenever it closed at 1130-40 the RV was attempted and then stopped and Tony would report on the call that the RV was attempted…2 years ago Iko was told when it hit 1085 something had occurred in the back room…has not reset to 1166 during trading poll for days…tonight’s poll is a significant trend…VERY significant.

Iko Ward : Hey guys, I’m going to bed. Gonna get up at 3AM EST to check in, but I’m really not expecting another change in Forex until 7AM EST. There have been developments today that are, as Okie likes to say, calling the ball. Good night all.