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gizmosmom :   Art said it RVD last night on OM, in the banks by Monday. I will believe it when i see it.

olesailor :  doesn’t make sense they would wait till Monday, IF THEY WANT THIS QUIET
Iko Ward :  Art let it out of the bag.

Iko Ward :  Keep your phones charged and nearby…no kidding….Looks like it’s time to just know. Okie just crossed the outer markers.

English White Knight :  In case you guys didn’t hear – Our UK chancellor in his budget yesterday found a spare $40bn in his back pocket from nowhere. RV???

Iko Ward wrote It appears there really was a back wall and 2.6 Billion Chinese and Indian people are about to knock it down. Please stand back.

rayfaulk wrote Iko: Okay matey… I got my hard hat on and ready for the demolition! Roar!
chardinar :  Ill help chisel while waiting on the bird

Iko Ward :  Actually, they are using Caterpillar Dozers made in Indonesia but that’s a whole other topic.

rayfaulk : Iko… whatever works big man… I’m for it… Thanks for your support, humor, and general Iko-ness! Roar!

olordplease :  Did forex really go to 948 or is that bullony ..
Iko Ward :  olord I didn’t see that but some of the secondary platforms do on occasion project lower rates. sometimes people mistake investment indexes for the rate since they are similar

Iko Ward : Today when you are blessing the meal make sure you include Tony, Ray and Pam. It’s been a long, complicated journey for them and they deserve our love and gratitude.

lealoha :  set her down gently Okie buddydog wrote All…. Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. What a day to be grateful for everything that we have… family,
friends, love and the RV

rockymtnlady :  OM was fully pumped last night! If things go as well as it looked last night, enjoy Thanksgiving but keep phone handy and have great expectations for Black Friday!

dajen :  it went up slightly this morning to 1081.8

Iko Ward :  So we went up a tad. Still in the sweet spot. Let’s see what the day brings. Remember, the rest of the planet is working.

Avalon: Art (Artmeister) is one of the Intel guys who is on lots of other calls and has lots of intel people he talks to. He is very revered on Open Mic and brings in lots of good information.

elmerf123456 : The wait seems so long when your full of despair! …Hopes all held high by excitement in the air…. Our time really draws near as the clock unwinds…. No mores puzzles to solve only your peace of mind….Stand true to your beliefs and watch them unfold….And welcome your new life….so bright and so bold! Happy Thanksgiving!

Iko Ward : So I’m guessing no more Forex movement til tonight after 8PM EST. Gettin on time to eat. Cherry pie cooling on the back porch. Hagen Daz Vanilla. Fresh whipped cream…

Paper boy :  just got a funny text from my best friend – reminding me to remember to set the scales back 10 lbs tonight.