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Elmerf123456:  Gold dipped to its lowest level in nearly six years on Friday and was heading for a sixth straight weekly decline under pressure from a firm dollar and prospects of a U.S. interest rate rise next month. Spot gold hit $1,055.99 an ounce, its lowest since February 2010, and was down 1.6 percent at $1,054.50.

Clemsonfan:  It’s always darkest before the dawn…….let there be light.

freedomboomer :  … Russia adds yuan as currency reserve.

Iko Ward : Freedom…that’s our ace in the hole. China, China, China.

freedomboomer :  Hope so..Iko –

Iko Ward :  freedom…not hope…the entire Asian continent is lining up to **** slap the US and Europe clear across the room.

kue911 : Forex back to 1165

okrocks : maybe forex had to go back in order to do the big jump… IDK… just a thought
Iko Ward : ok, that is my take. Forex has to follow the CBI eventually. This may actually be a good thing.

Orgsen:  This morning a member told me to divide what FOrex shows by 1, but is not working for me. How do you figure the amount FOREX shows?

Iko Ward:  Divide what Forex show into 1. 1 / .2500 (Forex Rate) would be $4.00.

Imaginary: IKO should we still be looking forward for this to happen this weekend? I am trying to keep hope alive.

Iko Ward:  Imaginary…tonight after 6PM est


[xyz] Progress of development policies Institute is hosting tomorrow’s central bank governor to discuss monetary policy “will be hosting the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords tomorrow in the Institute building at 10:30 am to talk about monetary policy and the existing reserve and other files relevant”. Link

[xyz] Economic parliamentary: the currency of the 50 000 dinars does not affect the value of the Iraqi dinar/- the importance of the printed 50 000 dinar coin being ineffective on the value of the currency in general.

She said Najib told / information /, “The printing of 50 000 dinars category soon and put on the market will not affect the value of the Iraqi currency at all.” “The goal of printed at the present time in order to avoid carrying large amounts always Mataatard to steal,” adding that “the value of the Iraqi currency remained the same and no need to fear.” She noted that “probably put a small metal coins Kmeskukat as is the case in all countries of the world

[xyz] Russia adds yuan as currency reserve   Link


[xyz] Rest up, because next week is going to be huge for stock markets Critical intelligence ahead of the U.S. market’s open

Bask in the afterglow of that turkey feast, then entertain yourselves by watching Black Friday shoppers rip vegetable steamers from the hands of small children. Or, marvel at that China stock market, which plunged 5.5% on news authorities are cracking down on big brokers.

Whatever you do, get some rest because next week promises a doozy of a lineup. On Thursday, the European Central Bank is meeting and President Mario Draghi and the gang have all but promised to further ease monetary policy. That’s keeping the euro pinned down. Is the market ready for a surprise here? It does draw a straight line to our call of the day, which says there’s another stock market you should think about while Wall Street analysts try to muster enthusiasm for the S&P 500 next year.

On Friday, it’s OPEC’s turn to meet, and the cartel has got everyone on pins and needles about whether it will hold firm to current supply levels in the face of weak oil prices. As well, Friday brings the monthly jobs report, including gains in nonfarm payrolls, the last big piece of data before the Fed meeting in December. Like this column said the other day, it’s worth considering the possibilities for these events if all doesn’t go to plan. Link

[xyz] Federal Court appeal Najafi given the abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic Link

[xyz] M is in big trouble imho