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Starchild:  Forex 1080​l

Iko Ward:  Star, just saw it too.

BuddyDog:  So, Iko, what are your thinking now?? I so appreciate your insight

Iko Ward:  Maybe somebody said please, please let me make one more killing before Monday. OK, done, put her back down to 1080 and let them have it. I have no idea what just happened. That’s probably a good thing.

Greentree :  Iko….any chance another move at 8pm?

Iko Ward:  Yep, usually doesn’t do a final post until 8PM, but we are no longer in “usual” territory.

Plogmy577:  wow 1080.3 now………………..


Iko Ward:  OK, they’re leaving it at 1080.3. Now we wait.