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Sundancer: Does anyone know why UN rate was posted first time in 5 YEARS for iraq but no change at 1170. Does this seem a slap in the face to China, and Russia and Dinarians by the PTB?

OK Rocks:  Sundancer that is great news! they are there, and the rates can be updated at any time, to have them listed is awesome!

Sundancer:  You mean it says ok Iraq this is the rate you can change it as you will?
luvwulfs : sundancer GM, I don’t think it was even listed before, so for it to be on the board period, is a good thing

OK Rocks:  Sundancer it means they have now included Iraq! as they state on UN site these rates can be updated at any time

Sundancer:  Then we are finally here Iraq has the permission from UN to change as it wills then!!!!

FreedomBoomer: Sundancer hasn’t that been there all along?
Sundancer:  freedom boomer NO it changed today first time in 5 YEARS although it is the same rate as before listed it means they are free to change it as they will OK explained to me!!!  Check the history it is first change in 5 years the change OK explained to me gives Iraq permission to do with it what they will!!

OK Rocks:  Sundancer I said the rates can change… but of course Iraq can change their rates at anytime… wow to see them listed again is HUGE!

Luvwolfs:  The fact that is on the UN board says it is recognized as an international currency. They will not put the rates we are looking for on the board until it is time.

Briona:  I do like the new date of December 1 for the operational rates for all the currencies
GMA:  IKO, Art, and  Elmer from OM all feel quite good about Monday… Hearing IQD (hearing) upper 4s. Dong 1.22. Zim 23cents




[xyz] Criminal Court issued in Karbala on Saturday, a judgment in absentia was sentenced to seven years in prison and former Commerce Minister Abdul Falah al-Sudani convicted of tea corrupt file, while expressing support for the decision to confiscate movable and immovable property.    LINK

[xyz] President Fuad Masum, to submit a request to the House of Representatives to exempt three deputies from office after the recent Federal Court decision which eliminated health pink slip  LINK

[xyz] Obeidi announced the start of “zero hour” to enter Mosul sites  LINK

xyz] Central announce the imposition of fines for violation banks LINK  

[xyz] The central bank announced the imposition of fines for violation banks worth 400 billion dinars  LINK

[xyz] Vice reveals the existence of three cabinet ministers Abadi is hold a middle school diploma (details) the presence of three ministers in the government Abadi is hold a middle school diploma, while pointing out that political parties have brought people incompetent to senior positions. LINK

[xyz] Oil Majors Queue in Iran as $30 Billion of Projects in Play  LINK

[xyz] DEEPEST SOURCE: sources reveal the “secret” visit to Iran, al-Maliki repeated Maliki visited Wednesday, Iran for the fourth time since the beginning of this month, in efforts observers considered that it aimed to get the Iranian support to return to power. LINK

[xyz] House bill does not allow the return of the vice president to the parliament after the Federal Court decision to cancel their posts.  LINK

From Recaps Comment Section:

Suzan:I hope recaps posts this as other posts been ignored. I can guarantee there will be no change on monday or for that matter by end of year. Lets see who is right, i have lets say family who are involved in this process and they have said until the yuan is settled in the middle of next year they will not release this. So i dont know where martha is getting her intel, the humanitarian funds will be released along with the ppackages , the currencies will not be released the way some are hoping for.

Robert: Suzan- I too have an association with people pretty close to the top of the process as well, and the have informed me that this should have already transpired long before the inclusion of the Yuan in the SDR basket. The delays are related to the war being waged between the Fed, bankers and US and GB politicians (all in bed together) and the rest of the world. They are conveniently using terrorism and money laundering as an excuse for the delays. If you or your “family” are privy to the money abroad, you will know that there has been tremendous progress toward the culmination of the ENTIRE process (PP, Humanitarian Projects and Currency). This information is also consistent with the Landa China Global intel and I believe there is no entity closer to the humanitarian projects than that organization.