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Harambe:  I thought FOREX closed from Friday Evening (EST) to Sunday afternoon. ​It changed today (Sat) from 1166 to 1080.​l#

PieEyePop:  harambe…That is interesting…thank you for catching that it changed at 07:11 am eastern on the 28th

Iko Ward:  Don’t worry about your branch level WM at Wells Fargo knowing anything. Wells will be processing us at exchange centers off site. Keep your phone charged and nearby. Keep the volume on high tonight.

Allstar:  IKO. It is us Canadians that need confirmation. Lol

Iko Ward:  Allstar, I’m sure TD Bank is following protocol. It’s not public yet, but whales are being called in. Dinar still on hold, it seems. US still on hold. They’re going to stretch this out til the very end. That may mean not until tomorrow night. But definitely before 11/30.

Doetracker:  No one goes before the Iraqi people that’s want tony has said many times
Iko Ward: Doetracker, true, THE PUBLIC won’t go until Iraq goes.

Lealoha:  It will be like BAM BAM – we might be last, but not far behind….and like the Zim, we’ll be the dark horse!

TennWolfMan:  the WM called me yesterday and set me up with an appointment for this coming Tuesday

Willoninny:  Wolfman, WM mentioned if it were for an exchange??

TennWolfMan:  WM did not say –she just said for me to come in…I don’t get too excited any more but still one never knows.