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RockyMntLady:  Morning all! OM update from yesterday. Ray received calls from 2 Canadian members who were able to exchange dong, Zim and rupiah. No dinar

More: Rates were good so they exchanged. Zim was double digit. The funds were credited to their accounts…but they have no access for the first 48 hours. Leaving room for lots of rumors and theories…

More: Could it be they have a 48 hour hold to make them wait for the rest of us? Is China pushing activating exchanges.. Canadian decided to jump in? Who knows? Anyhow, congrats to the 2 who had a superfantastic weekend!

JerseyBoysFaninMN: RayRen also said that the person in Canada told him that there is always a 48-hour delay for any transaction over $100,000. That was not something done special because of the exchange.

PKG:  To anyone: i thought the dinar was the basis for the other currencies value increase. How can one exchange dong and zim at high rates in Canada if the dinar hasn’t revalued first?

JerseyBoysFaninMN:   Pkg… Are you referring to the person(s) who exchanged in Canada?……RayRen said that the person didn’t have any dinar… Not that it wasn’t able to be exchanged yet.
Rrrr:  The elite is preparing for something BIG…LINK

[xyz] Keywords: sell the currency will not close the window in the central and will not print the currency as the former regime did  LINK

[xyz] Central Bank puts the mechanics of action to ensure the stability of the exchange rate and prevent speculation LINK


Tishwash:  International experiences have proved successful in changing their national currencies

11/29/2015 0:00  BAGHDAD – Imad emirate
There are many goals that can be achieved as a result of changing the currency of any deletion of zeros, including the promotion of confidence currency at home and abroad and re-standing regional and international her, and facilitate currency conversion to other currencies process,

the heart of the direction of the currency of foreign currencies to local currencies, excluding banknotes high figures and low-value, as well as put Sticky inflationary expectations and currency management reform and re-structure their categories.

This is what academic d. Abdul-Hussein Ghalibi from the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Kufa: Several countries proceeded to change its currency several reasons, and this Germany states that hyperinflation played a role in raising prices to levels not known before in its history as the State proceeded to finance public expenditures for Trbak Securities cash mark which led to the development of inflationary waves from day to day and even from hour to the other with great force.

resorted German government in 1923 to a new currency issue is Rantmark equivalent Elf billion mark, and the next year, the government issued a new currency named the Reich Mark to replace Rantmark one by one, but the difference is that the second was not capable of exchange with gold.

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