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Elmerf123456:  People think there will be chaos. Not me. Logically speaking if you consider how many banks there are across the nation and how people many people that are in groups it’s small in scale and over the course of time for the allowable transfer of Currensy I believe the banks are more than sufficient to handle that! In my opinion chaos only comes from the uninformed and you people in our group called TNT are certainly not uninformed.

Starchild:  China opens mixed >>>


lealoha :  Iko was told everything will go all at once….RV and so much more!

Iko Ward:  So, here in the TNT Newsroom it is 10:07 Eastern Standard Time and we are calling the RV a done deal. What! Sorry folks, we are getting a breaking story that there may be a miscount coming from Jekyll Island. Okie is being vectored in to take it out. Things look pretty darn good folks, they really do….


GoddessofLove:  Deputy: 41 trillion dinars distributed among Iraqi banks and foreign semi-Off

29, 2015 November 29, 2015

A member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki, on Sunday, the existence of more than 41 trillion dinars cash distributed between the Iraqi civil and governmental banks and foreign semi-Off.

Maliki said that the statistics indicate that there are large sums of money cash distributed between banks at home and abroad between traders.

Maliki said that “more than 41 trillion dinars cash distributed exist between the government and private Iraqi banks and foreign banks semi-Off.”

He criticized a member of the parliamentary Committee of Economy lack of any initiative by the relevant fiscal and monetary Balseesten and the application of many of the investment allocated to this broken amounts banking and means.