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RustyBucket: Sistani pushes the start of Ramadan off until Sunday? Just like that? Could it be that they wanted to allow a couple more days to finish Mosul so as to be able to say it was done before Ramadan or am I reading too much into that?

Dinara:  rustybucket…It makes sense to me!…. I always remember the interview when it was said everyone would wake up Sunday Morning to a whole new world. Sat. midnight works for me

LocoFelipe:  it is not uncommon for one of the religious authorities to change a time and date on the Ramadan. Sistani did the very same thing two years ago…. we all got excited. and, nothing happened. I would stay grounded, keep you whits about you and not let the emotions control your every thought on this ride.

Fuze:  I think what gives a unique flavor to Sistani’s decision regarding Ramadan, and any other action in Iraq that we may have seen before is the totality of all the things happening together… This we have never seen or experienced… No matter how long you may have been involved..
Bigox:  The start of Ramadan and or Jewish festivals begin at the visual sighting (with the naked eye) of the moon phase by the preist or rabi etc. It’s not a date and time like we do holidays here.


Elmerf123456: Massive 24hrs for Iraq’s Hashd in western Ninawa Villages liberated: •Beeski, •Qabusiyah, •Hatimiyah, •Tal Gazi, •Rafi, •Kojo, •Amlihat. Now the wall has been broken in Old Mosul City And a huge military offensive is beginning any moment.


Dinara:  Thanks elmerf123456…That shows something is happening over there!

Elmerf123456:  Also supports my earlier post in higher offensive in the Old City. It’s Real Hot right now and Iraq is smiling.