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Mr. Myagi:  just another manic Monday

Red:  Being disappointed is a natural reaction to high hopes, it is okay to be disappointed it is okay to feel the let down, that only makes the victory that much sweeter when it comes

Apexdinar:  honestly – anyone who thinks this has all gone, ‘as planned’ has never managed even the smallest project with more than one person involved, lol…plans change, adjust, and get scrapped all the time!

Bamaltc:  IMO only one thing remains…. we wait until this thing happens…. the world is pushing for this…. and they will not release everything until this thing happens….

OkRocks: I still believe we are on the brink of this… and I know its going to happen, I have no waiver in that
Red:  We make it sound like they are trying to push a button that has so much resistance not even 20000 men can make the button go down and be pushed, that is nonsense… it’s just not time and it only takes one finger to push the button…… when it’s time they will push it

Rrrr:  “Button Pushers”…. I’m a thinkin’, a dangerous venture on my part, but this has bothered me for a while. This button to be pushed could be of a foreign style. Has this person been trained in button pushing 101? Buttons, like humans, react in different ways when and how they are pushed. You may need to push the right side… or push the left side… push it in the middle….push and hold… or not! Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference. Never take your buttons for granted!


[subtle] New skyscraper planned for Iraq will be world’s tallest building