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Bluebabe44:  IKO; what is your guess on when this is going to happen??

Iko Ward :  I think we are there. It can be any moment. My own guess is after 6PM EST because the banks will have time to do whatever last minute stuff they need to. I’m hoping for tonight. Tomorrow would be the end of Art’s 72 hour window. But I’m feeling very calm and not worried. Hope you are too.


[highhopes] Frank26: ktfa family : teams and i are excited about the cbi’s posting of 1180 !!! Very excited to teach you why tonight ………. C u in less than 4……. Aloha !!! More shock and awe tonight ! Frank26: we just LEARNED………. They will not hide !!! Tonight is fireworks ……….. Ktfa family …….. Post me all the fireworks pic you can find !!!

[cozmo] highhopes the frank26 post is interesting

[highhopes] Frank seems  very excited….he has always said (years ago) when the RV happened he would announce it with a red post and fireworks….KTFA members are posting firework pictures right now…..hope its great news!


[xyz] Experts: the issuance of 50 thousand dinars edition will cancel the deal at 250 and 500 dinars gradually   LINK

[xyz] Kerry: Iraq fully briefed on plan to deploy U.S. special forces  LINK

[xyz] URGENT White House: Abadi supports the efforts of America to send more special forces LINK