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Elmerf12346:  Forex just polled at 1078.6 Bam… I don’t believe the Forex number means much right now

I think they are manipulating the Forex just like the placement rates on the CBI I really believe were very very very close

Olesailor:  I must admit I am confused. For example, last night Bruce said it had been tried 7 times in the last 7 days and was scheduled again last night/this morning. Now we are 8 for 8 WHAT IS THE MOTIVATION FOR THE DELAY/ There has to be some political motive and I just don’t see it. People are going crazy and the closer we get to Christmas the worse it is going to be. Does anybody have ANY IDEAS?

Tinkie:  olesailor’ heard there was a glitch last nite that was fixed and now its tonite

Mountain Mole:  If one pushes the button in Europe does that makes the button in the USA pop up Someone needs to pull the button so hard that they pull the person from the other end all the way through.
KMAN: Makes you wonder Olesailor. The rest of the world seems to want to go and here in the US it’s like a political football. Remember Tony told us a while ago, that no one wanted a finger pointed at them if this didn’t go off as planned. JMHO.

Getz10:  So I wasn’t going to say anything but……when I couldn’t find you all I called my brother who trades on forex and asked him to check IQD. He said there was an alert that said Revaluation looming. Good night all.

Ubetcha:  getz did he say if he had ever seen that message before? Thanks so much

Getz10:  ubetcha… he had never seen this before. He got very excited.


TooMuch: Confessions of a Swiss Banker

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