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Iko Ward: A couple of tidbits while waiting. Anyone notice the stock market today? Europe and US down big time. BRICS up substantially. This is what is supposed to happen as the world begins adjusting to China as a reserve. The fix..inject massive amounts of cash into the system. How? The RV

Iko Ward: If you buy into the theory that we are being given little notice concerning 800 numbers and other info, it also makes sense the word will come down in the dead of night, as low key as possible. 3AM

LIL D: So IKO if we don’t believe that does that mean that this could go at any time so we could get the notice NOW     

Iko Ward :Lil  it really can go any minute. One man’s finger on the button, and it isn’t The US, The Iraqis, or the Chinese. Don’t know his name, just know he’s one of the architects.

Scoutdad:  IKO. this will once again put housing market in a stall.

IkoWard:  Scout, I’m thinking that’s the official story, but with what we know now concerning JP Morgan, Goldman and the Hedge Funds artificially pumping the markets, I’m wondering if it isn’t the smart money abandoning ship. Next few days will tell.
isa52bc :  Very important worldwide meetings ended successfully today per WM!

Vinterev:  Isa!! woo hooooooooooooo!!! Do you have some news???

Isa52bc:  Vint, I just had a great convo with my WM this morning, though he isn’t in the group of WM’s that are trained to exchange. He was sharing some insight and info into some world meetings that ended successfully this morning.

Iko Ward:  News around 8, and don’t be late.

Silverbelt:  I believe we are closer each day (it’s a process). We may not see or know about all that’s happening to move this forward, but I do believe that those who are telling us we’re closer are giving it to us straight.


Iko Ward:  Did you know the Rothschilds are worth Four Quadrillion Dollars

JSL:  @Iko I have read the family value is estimated between 100trillion and 400 trillion ,several places they have given this estimate

Maggiemoo:  A billion equals a million one thousand times,,,,quadrillion is a Mil,,,,,,$$$$$,,,a Billion times (or 4) for Rockefeller


[Sallypuff] U.S. equity markets saw a steep selloff on Thursday afternoon after the European Central Bank extended its asset purchase program, sending the euro surging more than 3% against the U.S. dollar. At the closing bell, the Dow dropped 250 points, or 1.41%, while the S&P 500 sank 29 points, or 1.43%, and the Nasdaq Composite plunged 85 points, or 1.67%. All 10 S&P 500 sectors were washed in red.

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