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Iko Ward :   Dong moved 1108 points last night

Iko Ward:  Dinar dropped to 1077 for 10 minutes then reset to 1166. Dong dropped 1108 points last night before resetting. Rumor is TRN’s are now live world wide. EURO market continues to slide. Lots of smaller trades now going on for gold.

BSquared:  I hate the word “rumor”.

Iko Ward: Fine…Bruce and Art say it’s done. I have not heard on my end yet. So klets say its 66.66666% fact and 33.33333% rumor.

Cloudwalker:  Between “rumor,” “done, done, done,” “imminent,” and “soon,” we’re all going to be pretty touchy about certain words in the dictionary from now on.

Iko Ward:  My pet peeve is “HUGE”…. Lets start a new trend. Now. This Minute. Done.
Mioze:  Iko… now you typing!

BadScott54:  We are standing on the brink of the most awesome blessing in history and we won’t give a second thought to any of those words as a matter we may have a smile when we hear them as a remembrance of when

RXsales:  We just need Oz to push the bottom.. Until then I feel we only can gather about 70% Facts / 30% Rumor.. Those are still pretty positive odds, just not enough to bank on yet.. It’s time to get it done, we’re all more than ready and prepared .. Let’s go today!!!!

IkoWard:  I am being told that in order to be asset backed, no matter who is saying it, Gold has to be at it’s new price of 450-600 per ounce, so we’re a little ways off from that. They may want us to be asset backed, but it will take time.

BadScott54:  Bruce on his call last night spoke on the TRN he said they had attempted to release them the other and they went live everywhere but Bangkok or Beijing and that glitch has been fixed and they are prepared to go worldwide now from what I understood him to say

GFHonor:  Iko does it not mean if the TRN’s are out that would be mean asset backed ???
Iko Ward:  GJH…that is one of the theories but I’m being told it’s not like flipping a switch. As we have all seen none of this happens overnight. But the TRN’s going live worldwide is a big step not only for asset backed reasons but also RV.

Rene5555:  Good Morning IKO!!! Any verification that IQD is floating?? Is this true and if so that would mean an RI in Iraq??

Iko Ward:  rene…I don’t have any direct contacts in Iraq. Tony and Ray are the most informed on internal Iraq stuff IMO. But what I can say is the rest of the planet appears to be acting as if that is so. The big financial players are acting like the RV is live, but they are waiting for the rates to climb just like us.

BadScott54:  IKO didn’t the IMF make changes to their rule on what is considered to be an asset for the value of a countries currency. I remember reading that they are now allowing other natural resources of a country to be asset for the value of it’s currency. Everyone is just use to gold being the main stepl

Iko Ward:  Yeah, even brain power (education level) is figured into the mix. So it’s not just gold and oil and minerals.

Iko Ward:  The simplest statement is now that China is in the SDR Reserve basket everything has to move forward or the world economy will be in turmoil. Even the bad guys don’t want that.

BadScott54:  IKO I felt Bruce was delighted about the TRN are now going live worldwide. I believe it is DONE

BadScott54:  rene5555 I have read POPPY3 and a couple of the other gurus be pretty adamant about the dinar going to float. They said a float would not in any way be advantageous for their economy… i’m sorry that the dinar is not going to float  IMO

Rene5555:  Badscott54: I heard that too but I also thought this may happen for a very short time and then stabilize

Tbucknor:  Frank26 says: Article 8 applied, RI first, float to match one dollar, then RV.
BadScott54:  It is my understanding it will probably do as Kuwait did come out at the rate it was before it was devalued, float up high and float down to what the international rate will be stable at

Oldmanriver: Doesn’t an RI bring it back to $3.22?

Tbucknor:  No, RI means it is international again, rate notwithstanding.

Snoopy:  Per intl agreement with kuwait….dinar has to come out equal to kuwait plus 20% for inflation…..

Tbucknor:  True, snoopy, but it isn’t ‘out’ yet.

Snoopy:  kuwait 3.28 plus 20 percent 3.93 around the magic 4.00 range….I can live with that…

Shane:   IKO we’ve heard in the past that with the US government holding 4 trillion Plus with the American citizens old will be put in the treasury and used to back in the US dollar that’s why we were being asked to put in separate accounts what’s your feeling on this

Iko Ward:  Shane, I just don’t trust those statements anymore. I do believe as we go toward an asset backed currency we will see all kinds of funds “magically” appear. There are folks out there that truly believe we have no gold, just gold plated tungsten bars.

Turkeyhntr:  Iko, my only concern is that no one has even seen inside the Ft. Knox bldg since the early 70’s. who knows!

BadScott54:  IKO I believe within all my being that these rates are going to be more than we could ever imagine and me and my house are prepared to be blessed!!!