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Iko Ward:  France was down 4.23%, now up .02%. Can you say “volatile”? Sure you can.
France back down to -4.72%. Guess they got the memo, the one that says if we don’t RV now you in beau coup trouble.

Gold just shot up $20.00 Guess they didn’t get the memo, or maybe they did and trying to hedge

Dunner:  IKO… Is that jump larger than usual for gold.

Iko Ward :  Dunner, that spike means a big player just purchased a lot of metal.
Crude is also fluctuating this morning. This volatility is all good for us, folks.

France just bounced back to -.92% Graph starting to look like my grand dads tree saw.

The entire planet’s in the red except us, of course. Can you say “manipulation”? Sure you can.
SweetCheeks:  Iko u think we’re in trouble. Or are they going to get this done

Iko Ward:  Sweet, they are getting it done, they just aren’t letting us into the shop to see the progress.

Sweetcheeks:  Iko we thinking days or weeks

Iko Ward:  Sweet, I’m thinking hours, most likely tonight after all the banks are closed. But then I thought that last week and the week before that


NewCreation:  IKO Been reading, thanks for the education….I also heard we are watching to see if Bad Guys Dump 10 Billion Ounces of Electronic Silver on the COMEX and force the price to $0/oz and shut down the exchange? hearing they can with a “Click of a Mouse

Phantom2:   IKO earlier you posted the price of gold needs to drop in order for currency to be asset backed, is that a prerequisite for our exchange also?

Gtov725:  IKO you told us of the red zone, if we are not there, who is the manipulator and we have been told it is not the USA?

New Creation:  Gtov…the little man downstairs under the stock exchange floor, has the switch…and has had it for years…its total manipulation…IMO

Iko Ward:  Well, crude at 39.80 and falling. Gold at 1180 and climbing. France coming up for air. Darn it I love this job.


New Creation:  elmerf…you scared me yesterday saying OKIE was married…I’ve been working on my proposal for a year! DRATS! (Hope Debra is a Guitar:):)

Elmerf123456:  Okie loves the Ladies. He likes to joke around.

Elmerf123456:  Keep Okie in your prayers. He’s dealing with a nagging situation that may have a need for immediate surgery. Mentally he’s great, physically, some real issues.


Mangelo:  Dec 4 A Chinese central bank official said on Friday the inclusion of the yuan into the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) would be a starting point for China’s financial reforms.

Xing Yujing, director general of the No.2 monetary policy department of the People’s Bank of China, told a news conference that yuan’s admission into the SDR basket would help improve price discoverability for the currency.

Yujing said China would continue to steadily push forward yuan convertibility under the capital account.

The International Monetary Fund admitted China’s yuan into its benchmark currency basket on Monday, a victory for Beijing’s campaign for recognition as a global economic power. (Reporting By Kevin Yao; Editing by Sam Holmes)