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elmerf123456 Bottom line is we are not concerned about the RV, because we all agree that we are in a fantastic spot. We just need them to do what they need to do, and get it over with! All Intel and evidence and things that we hear, inside and outside of the intel group, has everyone excited.

Iko Ward:  I know most people watching Forex are focused on the Dinar, but take a look at what the Dong did last night. Dropping 1108 points is akin to the dinar dropping to 1070. Notice how they used to poll in tandem but now are independent. Look at this in light of what Ray announced today and the volatility in the markets and the erratic action of Gold today. Follow the money.

TennWolfMan: $anta is coming and it won’t be long $anta is coming and it won’t be long

Tizfitz3:  read on recaps today the Federal Researve is having a closed door meeting today at 4pm in Washington Department of Criminals.. Seems odd to me they would have a meeting on a Friday that late in the day… hmmm  Link

TennWolfMan:  If you missed what happened — I was needing a truck cause mine is shot and the bank would not lend me money on my currency but they called me in today and told me I was approved and I got a truck

Dansmore:  Tennwolfman.. did they use your currency as collateral??

Tennwolfman :  who would have thought foreign currency would be used as collateral for a truck

Tennwolfman :  I am almost positive that I won’t have to make the first payment lol lol.