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Iko Ward :  Just a tiny little push and we break 37 on crude.  And there it is, 37.99 and still falling.For our purpose, pushing the RV, lets go for 30. Fear is a strange thing, no telling where that breaking point is, but once one of them goes it’ll spread like wild fire.

okrocks : The banks have to be prepared for anytime…. then they will get their go code when it does… that moment will be a surprise, but they have to be prepared for it, so hence the memo

yada: okrocks,,,,, agreed,,believe they are ready now

BoMonkey:  There is no delays… the rv has as already happened… the hold up is the united states… thats it …do your research ri has happened its 3.22 175 dinars buys Brand new labtop in Iraq…. lots of miss info out there

Baldeagle:  bomonkey Just read your statement, is there any evidence to confirm what you are saying, I would love to have something that would back up your note. It would be very comforting to all, I;m sure. Thank You

BoMonkey:  November 17 at 9:12am · Kufa, Iraq · عرض خاص حاسبات باسعار مناسبه 175ألف دينار مع الضمان Special offer computers bạs‘r England 175 Dinars with security Automatically Translated LikeCommentShare

BoMonkey:  Later tonight i will post pics of the New TRN’s that are so secret more proof that its the united states i have a voice do my own research and show proof help

Grizzlies:  My idea of “soon”, “imminent”, “immediately”, etc. must be vastly different from the people in charge of this RV.


Sabickford:  Laughter is like a windshield wiper, it doesn’t stop the rain but allows us to keep going.

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?


tman23    Certainly Iraq must make changes… But with the kidnappings etc…etc… You have to ask yourself…How fast can they open a market economy and build infrastructure without foreign labor?

Because right now skilled foreign workers are not going to flock to Iraq.   Abadi needs to deliver something big…bigger then austerity and broken promises.

Quite frankly he needs to pull a rabbit out of his arse at this point.