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Iko Ward : Ever see those videos of the guys riding the giant tortoises on Easter Island? That’s how I’m feeling. Forex only polled up 1.4 which is fine, just not the big dip we are looking for. ISX looks like it’s going to lose another 1%. All the markets are red from last night. Good, in a perverse way for us. Crude is on it’s way down again, 37.42 at the moment.

Iko Ward : There was a rumor last night the RV had begun in Singapore. Glad i didn’t say anything. But still lots of bank stories and any moment projections and all positive except for you know who. It’s early, right?

BuffyDinar:  Iko , Why is the price of oil dropping?

Iko Ward:  buffy, all the OPEC countries were trying to keep the market high through their usual manipulations and not pumping but couldn’t take it anymore and went every man for himself, so now there’s too much out there which drives the price down. Goldman says it’s going to hit 20/brl.(barrel)

Buckmaster:  IKO … I saw where the markets were all Red at the closing Yesterday , However they did Rally a Bit before then , because they were way Down at about 2:00

Iko Ward:  buck, I was exhausted and fell asleep. Supposedly some weird stuff on the currency markets around that time as well but I missed it.

CODreamer:  Iko if the rumor is true, do you think it’s just a matter of waiting for the banks to open to see if it has arrived here??

Iko Ward:  CO, I just don’t know anymore. It really is just a matter of flipping the switch at this point so anything’s possible

Buckmaster:  IKO … 20.00 a Brl would be a shocker …would it not ?

Iko Ward:  buck, yes, but 30/brl might happen IMO.

Iko Ward:  buck, the nice thing about discussing crude is there are the big guys out there openly discussing it, but they’re all biased on their positions. Put em all in a jar, shake, and see who’s on top any given day.


Elmerf12346:  Intel Lite: We’re here, but not here but we are certainly over there somewhere when we should be over here so we’re there I think or are we here? So I’m happy to be here or there with you! Are you there?

CODreamer:  elmer that about sums up how I feel today…lol

Elmerf12346: I ‘m having some fun….. I believe we are really upon it.

Elmerf123456:  You gotta have fun during the ride folks. There really is so much good stuff coming out it makes one scratch their head. I’ve never seen as many positives at one time. I expect it to just Pop up and say you waiting for me?

Elmerf123456:  However I heard a lot of bank stories and appointments set this week. Some of our own here.

Sun2day:  Elmer if the oil tankers of Iraq crude is being accepted & internatiinal banks are over ther consulting, isn’t that an open market?

Elmerf123456:  Sunday that’s my thoughts

Sun2day:  Elmer – why would the largest building in the world be planned in Iraq w security issues & travel warnings? Who does that make sense to? Or are peeps blowing smoke & Iraq will open like Cuba?

Elmerf23456:  Sunday I don’t trust all media bites we are fed. I agree with you too many positives in Iraq. Short answer to you…. They woundnt.

CoDreamer:  elmer any intel on how the people of iraq are feeling about all of this? Have they been pacified enough to stay calm or is the mood getting challenging to keep peaceful? If you know, thanks.

Elmerf123456:  CoDreamer. They are  not protesting

Elmerf12346:  There is really great info all around. Just too much stuff going on not to be confident. I really think it’s gonna just pop and show up

CODreamer: Elmer are you of the opinion that the popping could be at any time of the day, or a specific time?

Elmerf123456:  Co that’s the multi million dollar question.

Elmerf12346:  Lots of countries stating their plans to go gold backed. That sounds like proof positive where the world is heading.

Elmerf123456:  From Cramer: Crude prices gave up gains after steadying not far from seven-year lows on Tuesday as China reported strong commodity imports despite economic weakness, though global oversupply compounded by OPEC’s decision to keep output high led analysts to predict further weakness.

KMAN:  The case for $20 oil is getting stronger by the day……Global stocks aren’t too happy about things this morning, and that includes U.S. stock futures as investors still come to grips with the notion that OPEC really is just going to stand by and watch crude prices keep tanking.

Rocky49: Treat all info as rumor until you get to the bank. Then treat this this for it really is, a blessing from God.

Sun2Day:  IKO & Elmer – we’ve seen the big banks paying large fines for multiple types of market manipulation concluded over the last 18 mos., as well as concern over the gold & silver markets. if the oil market was in the same boat wouldn’t the adjustment look just like this?

Elmerf123456: Sun2day those theories are certainly plausible. That’s what makes the technical squeeze in all this so strange. Somethings gotta give. It will and we need to wait. All we can do!