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Iko Ward: Almost a carbon copy of yesterday. Forex at 1077. Markets red. Unconfirmed bank stories. Let’s give crude the day off and play with gold instead, back up to 1082. We were supposed to have the 800’s this morning. It’s “when am I gonna see it Wednesday.”

Iko Ward:  Guys, today is a carbon copy of yesterday…same markets, same rumors, same bank stories….we wait.

CM: Y Iko, lol crude may take a week off , vacation, that might help lol

Iko Ward:  Actually CM, I want it to take a nose dive and force the RV.

KeithN:  IKO Thanks for the update, Yep, lets follow the Metals for a few hours. Market sure is RED

CountryLady:  Thanks, Iko. So…..we wait. I now have a PhD in waiting. We all know what PhD stands for – piled higher and deeper….
Iko Ward: Country lady, I think we should all get additional doctorates for each two years we are in this. The 12 year folks get a Nobel Prize.

JJF:  Good morning Iko! can you shed some light on the Chinese Dragon family and the signing of an agreement? Heard about it a couple of weeks ago and again last night. Thank you for all your work and knowledge!!!

Iko Ward:  JJF…House of the White Dragon has been running China for nearly 600 years. They have a great deal of gold. They are purported to be the planners behind the original GCR, going all the way back to our Civil War. You can google a great deal on them.

JJF:  Iko – but the signing of this agreement? Heard it was signed a couple of weeks ago, then last night it was claimed to have beens signed again – unless it was just reposted old news. Thank you! I will google.

Iko Ward:  JJF…I have heard several variations. The one I believe is true is that it was signed a couple weeks ago, then the Chinese have sent a couple of letters clarifying their proposed actions if the west doesn’t get out of the way.

Heavenishome:  from my research.. a lot longer than 250 years

Iko Ward:  Heaven…I was trying to be gentle. Ever since Macartney (George, not Paul) did a drive by in 1793 I think the Chinese have had on their thinking caps concerning the west.

CiCi:  Iko, just a question about plunging crude prices will cause the RV to come about: could there be any other outcome instead of the RV? Some other solution,  heretofore unseen?

Iko Ward:  Cici..good question…let’s just say no one wants to go there. The RV solves the majority of the world’s financial problems, but will cause pain to those who have been in control these past 250 years.

CiCi:  Thanks, Iko. The downward spiral is darn painful right now. Will the Fed’s forthcoming announcement of higher interest rates have any effect on this? Rates are in the toilet and can’t go any lower, they have to go up.

JumpinJackFlash:  Cici…maybe they just have to go away.

Fishkissed:  A global financial reset is overdue!

LilyPad:  Iko Frank26 on his call actually clarified the IMF contract agreement that Iraq actually has until the end of the first quarter. The question was posed to him about the end of the year 2015. Do you know if this was concerning Article 8 compliance and if not, what you and him talking about? It may be two totally different things?????

Iko Ward:  lily…I think all these things are important but they are not what is holding us up. There is a particular group that is slowly being dragged under and it is just taking more time than anyone thought. Pam has asked we not get into detail here in chat so that’s all I will say. The good guys are winning, for all we know, they won last night.

Olesailor:  IKO I know what you are referring to. Do you think after the fall that there will be any recognition in the public of what has happened?

Fishkissed:  Iko I’m pulling for the good guys!

Iko Ward:  The good guys are winning. As Russel Crow’s captain says in Gladiator. “Why won’t they admit they are defeated.”

Olesailor:  iko EGO….. better yet ARROGRANCE

Iko Ward:  ole, nope, we will know, we will have NDA’s. Some of us will go on and do great things and no one will ask where we came from because it would expose them as well. Arrogance, the best descriptor for the entire 20th Century

Greenstream:  to add [in my words] IMF’s contract to help iraq get fully on thier feet expires at the end of 2015 !!! we are in the last quarter of 2015. iraq’s tarriffs all go into effect on Dec. 15th intime for the end of this month/year. final day today for the last iraq bonds for iraq -last batch- are to be done today too. * just puzzle pieces *

KBoom:  Remember peeps- it’s a slow rollout process..we’re near the end of that line


China just lowered the value of the yuan to a 4 year low: