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Iko Ward:  All eyes on the US market today.  10m ago Gold and Crude still going down, European Markets solidly red, Forex maintaining below 1078.    all good for us



Dude49:  Just wondering platinum why do you get to exchange and we are still waiting

Zebragirl:  Dude, she hasn’t exchanged yet but has a proactive wealth manager

Platinumrunway:  Dude I was called in for prep




BigE12B:  1 of my Financial newsletters is calling December 15th terrifying Tuesday

Expecting extremely volatile market Tuesday December 15th specifically speaking to precious metals and currency.

“quote” The same cycles that accurately predicted every major event in the economy and investment markets for over 100 years ..
The same charts that enabled us to win 13 of our 14 closed trades last month (a 93% win rate) ..

… Are sending me one of the clearest signals I’ve ever seen: Tuesday is going to go down in history as one of the most volatile dates in decades!

Suddenly, the cycles charts that identified next Tuesday, 12/15 as a major turning point for gold …

… Are ALSO identifying it as the key turning point for silver, platinum and palladium …

… A major date for all the major currencies, including the U.S. dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen and the Australian dollar …

… And they’re ALSO saying next Tuesday is the key date for the U.S. stock market!

You could see gold plunging $30 or even $50 in the morning, then exploding $30 or $50 higher in the afternoon.

You could see the euro spiking 5% in the morning, then swooning to 10% in the afternoon.

You could see the Dow and S&P 500 up 300 or even 500 points in the morning, then down that much or even more in the afternoon

Iko Ward : Well folks, the entire planet is on hold. Tomorrow the markets are going to dictate whether this goes tomorrow night or Sunday Night.

Iko Ward : Guys, I’m just plain exhausted. Let’s see what happens tonight. I’ll put something together for the morning.   Just know that we, Dinarians, are OK. Not so for our friends and neighbors.