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Iko Ward : Forex already reset. S&P took another hit. Mexico finally joined the fray at -.64.
The idiots running this thing have backed themselves into a corner because they are all scared to death. So now the markets have to take a huge hit to convince them the only way out is the RV

KBoom:  Iko the markets are very special today. This is not the typical “Santa Claus Rally” eh?  Silver getting pounded again while gold is up a little.. Dollar down and all indexes too- it’s an anomoly

Iko Ward: Yes KB and yuan is up 6.44

KBoom Iko- I saw an article the other day- 39 members of congress emptied their bank accounts- what’s that about? Lol

Iko Ward:  K- Everyone is moving their cash out of USD and into safe havens like Yuan, Swiss Franc, Norwegian Krone. The dollar may take a bit of a dive for a while. It will all work out but the fear brigade is charging.
KBoom:  Iko- I moved mine into a safe haven too….Dong…Zim…Dinar…

Drakechap:  Iko in laymen terms are we about to go to the bank by the 15th?

Iko Ward:  Drake, I think sooner, but yes, the 15th is a giant date for the world.

Iko Ward:  Oil, Gold, Copper, the markets, all going down. The smart money is bailing in droves. Did you know there are 670 Billion Puts scheduled to call on Dec. 16th? 670 BILLION.

KBoom:  Iko- yes i see THAT. No safe havens. The puts you mentioned for the 16th- tied to the Fed raise on the 15th- and those in the know now

JLW:  Iko: the same things were said when the Dow was around 16,000… the world was supposed to end then… we are stll here

Iko Ward:  jlw…the markets were artificially propped up so there would not be any panic. Didn’t you notice the this volume? Showed mega movers pumping money, not the general crowd. The world isn’t coming to an end, just taking a little break while the rest of the planet reaches parody.

NewCreation:  jlw…i would heed the warnings coming to us..the world is not coming to an end, but a NEW Beginning, and it is going to take time to settle in. The US has NOT made many friends in the past few years

PCSKid:  iko ward where do you get info on the numbers of put coming on different date sir thanks

Iko Ward:  PC..Bloomberg, insiders

JJF: K Boom – investment in the yuan post RV has been suggested by some.

KBoom:  jjf- POST RV is a different story. – as a hedge against any perceived post RV dive in the USD.

Desmo:  So IKO…how does and when does this trigger the RV?????

NewCreation: Desmo…i am starting to see the mayhem as their perfect storm…as the 15th approaches, all the news buffs will say the Feds rate hike stirred the entire global reset, when I believe it has been part of the initial plan all comes calamity …we will be in great shape, our neighbors will not.

GJHonor:  gm all IKO can you check this out please. ?​ing-bill.html?intcmp=hplnws That may be an indicator of the timeline.