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elmerf123456 :As you know, THIS weekend would circumvent a myriad of problems approaching later in the week. At this moment, it appears that this WILL be an RV into asset-backed gold-backed US Treasury dollars. The actual adjustment will likely occur Saturday night, so be ready for news either Sunday night or Monday morning. The problems being the market and how it relates around the world. We are in a fantastic position!

CODreamer:  elmer does the RV into asset-backed gold-backed UST dollars change anything for us at exchange time?

elmerf123456 : It could come as fiat. Asset back is parity rates not the rates we’ve been hearing. That is fiat. If it goes fiat, more than likely it will be a short window b4 going asset backed.

Driftcurrent :Asset back currency plan has been in motion for a while.

elmerf123456 :Correct. The asset backed system has been in play quite a while. If it goes Fiat, the question is how much pain threshold can the banks withstand.

elmerf123456 : Contract rates and high rates are segmented with the fiat system. Asset backed rates are more of a parity play but you have more buying power because an asset backed dollar is more valuable than fiat because it’s backed. Fiat isn’t backed by anything!

cudbuck  Reuters reported yesterday that the head of CME, which controls/runs the COMEX, resigns today..Ms Hunnable formerly worked for NM Rothchild, so she is eyeball deep in the metals market manipulation and the 600 BILLION+ puts coming home to roost on the 16th…main reason why the markets will go crazy, per martha & iko

elmerf123456 : Cud buck. That’s called the unwinding.

elmerf123456 : I will take the rate system that comes and work my plan. Finishing this is the prize regardless of how it goes.

lovely2 : elmer would u prefer asset to fiat?

elmerf123456 : Fiat first then asset is my hope.

pigmy577 : Elmer in yo if we exchange in fiat and it is in a account what will happen when it goes asset backed to the amount?……………..

elmerf123456 : Pigmy a dollar is a dollar. You will have more buying power once it’s asset value.

elmerf123456 : As China goes the world will follow.

Driftcurrent : I think if all brics and n11 are going to be asset backed than a fiat dollar no matter how small a window it takes to go asset will be a big hurt for US

elmerf123456 : Currency system can be one way. You can have asset-backed currency and Fiat currency operating simultaneously it’s one or the other

lovely2 : elmer if it comes out as fiat would you put it into the yuan until we go asset backed?

elmerf123456 : Lovely that’s my plan.

lovely2 : elmer what will happen if we dont make the change to yuan and our currency stays in a us bank? do we stand to lose alot?

elmerf123456 : Lovely once this happens the banks will be flush for appeared of time it’s important that you don’t deal with banks that are very high in the derivatives you can go on and look up that

elmerf123456 : You don’t have to buy Yuan. However once that changes to gold backed it should increase about 600 to 800% so another words whatever you purchased it will go up about 6 to 8 times in value of that making money on your money

elmerf123456 : US dollar will not fail. It will adjust.

elmerf123456 : Hence the word currency reset.

elmerf123456 : We as a country during this adjustment. Will experience some hyperinflation but we currency holders will not be affected like others

US currency will go through an adjustment period like others but of course it will not fail but it will take a step back and a leap forward

There is no doom and gloom here…A  currency reset is just what it says and because of the currencies we all hold   It will be a blessing for all of us.


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