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PlatinumRunway:  Just heard from my WM that preparation will start tomorrow for some individuals to come in to start the process, he did not say exchange.

Nikki6144:  platinum thx for info! Did WM call you today and tell you that or was that on a regular bank day (yesterday or Friday)

PlatinumRunway:  Nikki he called today this morning. He was getting prepared for all next week.

JNver99999999:  Treat as Rumor: I have a source who says a certain bank will start exchanging tomorrow, Monday, Dec 14. I hope that is true….. It could be as Platinum is saying, that preparations for the exchange will start tomorrow. That is why I am treating as Rumor. Things are always subject to change when it comes to the Dinar and Currency Revaluations.

okrocks :  Ray stated he cannot confirm that the lower LDs are out, but it was on their TV screen & he has not confirmed with anyone over there yet if they did indeed go out

ecubucs : That’s correct okrocks… got the same message yesterday afternoon from contact out of Baghdad. CBI telling via iraqi TV that LDs are about to come out to All citizens.

Dansmor :  ecubucs… okay thank you, that is great news to boot I would say, one step closer for sure

ecubucs :  Yes Sir it is! There are still a few signatures that will have to be signed prior to this being released to the world. I don’t see the LD’s being released until those releases are given. Still VERY close from all camps.


Rayren98:  Formula For Lifetime Monthly Income

Contributed by member Red

Formula For Lifetime Monthly Income

The below formula is used to determine how much you have to invest at 3% return on your investment in order to get receive $10,000 per month without ever touching your principal.  For a different amount per month, put that amount in place of the $10,000.

$10,000               The amount you want monthly

X             12
X             18
X                2
$4,320,000              The amount you have to invest.

$4,320,000 @ 3% yields  $129,600/12 = $10,800
$4,320,000 @ 4% yields  $172,800/12 = $14,400

This is just an example…..don’t try to tear  it apart.