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Iko Ward:  Well guys, here we go down the rabbit hole. It’s going to take a few hours to develop. Forex around 8. Asian Markets around 9. Crude just ticked up .02 cents but that’s going to need some time as well. So will Gold. It’s going to be a bit of a long night I’m afraid.
Elsie:  Iko does the rabbit hole look bright?

Iko Ward:  No, rabbit holes are very dark and scary until you get to wonderland.

DanBlessed:  What’s going to take a few hours to develop IKO?

Elsie:  Dan the stock crash that will happen if they don’t allow the Rv now

Iko Ward :   ago I expect some weirdness tonight. Going to make a point to wait and watch and not go nuts at every little turn.


AuthorSO:  Iran’s Oil and Economic sanctions to be lifted in the next few days… Will it motivate Iraq to RV? Tony talked about this on our CC at times.