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Iko ward:  Everyone is putting on their happy face, like a big corporation the day before the layoffs are being announced.

Elmerf123456:  Gonna see a ping pong match today and tomorrow the ball may be lost under the furniture. …… we wait and watch this is a significant week.

Badscott54:  Guys from what I understand (because I don’t have cable) all you have to do is watch the news and you can see for your self everything that is going on. I wish I could watch. It has to be amazing to see all that is going on and have an understanding why it is happening.

Iko Ward:  Well, at the end of their day Europe caved. Lets see how Wall Street does.

Weneedit:  I thought the market was going to crash today it’s + 103 lol

Iko Ward:  weneedit…isn’t that interesting?
Greatly Blessed:  Dollar rises with alert dealers to raise US interest rates

Follow-up / Treasures Mella –

The dollar rose against a basket of currencies on Monday, as the competition most major currencies moved in a narrow range as investors focused on the possibility of raising US interest rates this week for the first time in nearly ten years.

Chinese yuan fell to its lowest level in four and a half years after China’s central bank cut again to the mid-point of the yuan’s exchange rate. It came after the announcement on Friday about a new trade-weighted index, which some saw as a green light for a new cut of the value of the Chinese currency.

It is scheduled to conclude Monetary Policy Committee Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting on Wednesday.

The dollar index, 0.3 percent from levels late on Friday to 97.874 but it is still a bit far away from the highest level in 12 years and a half that it reached at the beginning of the month.
The Australian dollar found some support in encouraging Chinese data released on Saturday showed growth in factory output at the fastest pace in five months. The Australian dollar rose 0.4 percent against its US counterpart for up to US $ 0.7211.

And Sterling fell from its highest level in three weeks against the dollar, which rose on Monday after it became among investors almost certain that the central US will raise interest rates this week.

Sterling fell 0.5 percent to $ 1.5151 after rising to its highest level in three weeks at $ 1.5240 on Friday, which traders attributed to the sale of operations carried out by Asian investors earlier in the session.

GoldPeg9:  And the Canadian Dollar is at 74 cents. Makes us choke. Isn’t logical at all.