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okrocks : My one contact I only hear from about once a month… said watch for Wednesday… well that is all I have lol

elmerf123456 : Don’t be disillusioned by the market today. All eyes focused on the Fed tomorrow. Short theifs playing games today to capture some profits. Watch with eyes wide opened IMO. Come Friday the picture may look totally different.

elmerf123456 : Okie is no longer in his plane. He awaits further instructions like the rest of us. He doesn’t anticipate any further flight plans and is ready to hear the words mission accomplished!

TBirdd:  Elmer — so what was so exciting for yest./today is no longer a possibility? j.a. .

elmerf123456 : TBirrd. There you go again. Every day is a possibility but I think we wait for the fed and how things in the market pans out …..Friday has my focus for sure.

Gatorsjdc:  elmer any confirmation that the cbi is distributing lower denoms

elmerf123456 : I ‘ve heard from many sources of lower denoms being distributed but for myself, I have not yet confirmed. Personally I don’t think it changes things in our positive big picture. To much good stuff going on and I’m good with the information and upcoming events.

Herekemiah. So they got the canopy unstuck for Okie, but he doesn;t know where to go next?

elmerf123456 : Herekemiah. Waiting for instructions means waiting. Do you know where to go next? I certainly don’t and am very comfortable waiting for what will be also.

Desmo:  Tenn….didnt you have some sources last week….what do they say?

TennWolfMan:  desmo–all my sources still are saying it is done and slowly moving towards the finish line

Desmo:  So elmer…without all the crashes does that push the rv out a little?

Elmerf123456: Desmo..I don’t think anything is pushed out but I’m more interested to see what the market looks like after Wednesday and in particular Friday.

Elmerf123456:  The upcoming market setup Friday looks like it could be a major selloff day in a huge way. We shall see. IKO may be better to chime in on this but I see the Fed interest rate  causing initial problems. We shall see.

Desmo:  Elmer…were you privy to the info IKO and Art had last night about the button being attempted at 4:30 yesterday and they were expecting a second attempt last night?
Elmerf123456:  I heard this mentioned but yet here we sit. Don’t know where it was originated

CandyGirl:  Paul Ryan is at FOX news no Goverment shut down they approved the budget

Angel8:  No Gov. shut down sooo everything is a Go………….

KMan:  MarketWatch exclusive: Bernanke: I never expected rates to be at 0 for so long

Elmerf123456:  I have a feeling this will come without any fanfare or announcements. I may be wrong but I have felt this for sometime now. The good news is that dinar land in all its forums will find out and the word will get out so fast internally, no one will not know. Once your knees get back from the believable shock, you will go and do what you’ve been schooled to do. IMO.

Elmerf123456:  Anyone notice on the UN Operational rates that for the first time Zimbabwe is now listed. The rate shows 1/1 but I thinks that’s just a placement rate. I love the fact it’s now listed.

Desmo:  Sounds like another piece of the puzzle elmer

Doc:  Elmer, I think the Feds will announce the small interest rate hike. If so, does that do anything to speed up or slow down the RV? Thank you for your insight.

Elmerf123456:  Doc. I think the interest causes market havoc and helps us.

cloudWalker: Saw this quote and thought it was apropos: “Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.” – Will Smith


Iko Ward:  Wow, the markets sure seem happy about something. Even crude is marching toward 37. And gold is stable. And Yes, I saw Zim listed as well. Sure am glad I don’t place bets on all this stuff.

Elmerf12346:  RIAL 214.5000 ZAMBIA – KWACHA (NEW) 6.3750 ZAMBIA – KWACHA (OLD) 5455.0000 ZIMBABWE – DOLLAR 1.0000 Department Of the Treasury Bureau of Fiscal Service Division of Federal Investments (202) 874-7994

Iko Ward:​Rates.htm

NoNo:  WOW – Iko, that link shows a ZIM rate of 1.0000 whew, things are certainly changing…

Elmerf123456:  One list states Zimbabwe and one Doesn’t. Fits in perfectly with dinarland confusion.

Iko Ward:  Careful about that zim rate, folks, it’s probably just a place holder, or an asset backed assignment. Doesn’t mean your one trillion notes are worth one trillion USD.

Elmerf123456:  IKO. I stated that earlier. That’s correct.

NoNo:  Iko – I knew that, was just making note that its CHANGING.
Iko Ward:  this should go into rumors so people don’t go nuts.

TightWad:  Out of curiosity – why do you think gold gets driven down to $450 when the world is trying to go on the gold standard? When there is how many times more printed money than there is gold?

Iko Ward:  tight…”The gold standard” is misleading. The world is going to “asset” backed, which includes not only gold but all the resources a particular currency has…gold, silver, platinum, agricultural products, armed forces, brain trust, etc.

AllStar:  IKO. Did they try to push the button again yesterday?

Iko Ward:  Allstar…don’t know.

BadScott54:  IKO I have tried to help others to understand this is a process. It is not as simple as pushing a button. I think that has been said so much until some really believe it’s that simple . We are in the Process

JumpinJackFlash:  Well hopefully this “Process” will have a conclusion…and may it be soon!


U.S. stock index futures were higher on Tuesday, ahead of a widely expected increase in interest rates later in the week, as crude oil prices clawed back some losses.

CANADA STOCKS-Futures rise as oil recovers; Fed remains in focus

Mexican stocks open down more than 1 pct, hurt by lower oil prices

Hong Kong’s main index ends lower for the 9th session ahead of Fed

Nikkei ends at 7-1/2-week low on oil price worries; Fed jitters

Greek prosecutors investigating tax evaders raid UBS office

U.K.: European shares led higher by firmer French stocks

Gold steadies as dollar retreats, eyes likely Fed hike

The Fed begins meeting Tuesday, and will release its post meeting statement Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET.

The central bank is widely expected to raise the fed funds rate by a quarter point Wednesday, while emphasizing that the pace of tightening will be gradual. A hike would be the first since June 2006.

U.S. stock index futures recovered earlier highs after the headline November Consumer Price Index (CPI) came in unchanged, while ex-food and energy the figure rose 0.2 percent.


The Fed’s New Chapter Will Be Written in Dollar-Denominated Oil

This week, Janet Yellen will present the very first few lines of a complex monetary narrative.
Timothy A Duy

December 15, 2015 — 3:04 AM PST

The Federal Reserve is set to raise interest rates this week for the first time since 2006.

The final days of the zero interest-rate policy known as ZIRP are upon us; the end is here.

But the end of ZIRP is the beginning of a new chapter of monetary policy. This chapter will tell the story of the Federal Reserve’s efforts to normalize policy, and that particular tale has yet to be written. You can, however, expect Fed Chair Janet Yellen to emphasize “gradually” and “data dependent” as she pens the first few lines of the narrative at this week’s press conference.

Policymakers have clearly signaled that the U.S. central bank will raise the target range for the Federal Funds rate by 25 basis points this week. To be sure, this does not mean that the U.S. economy is without its warts. The labor market is not quite at full employment and the external environment is dragging on growth in general (and manufacturing in particular), while inflation remains stubbornly below the 2 percent target. Yellen & Co. are confident that these issues are transitory in nature………….

I have my eye on the dollar and oil as key factors in the path of subsequent rate hikes.
We know the Fed anticipates that the disinflationary impact of these factors will lessen as the year progresses…………