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Iko Ward: So why did crude drop a whole dollar after the FED announcement? Answer…they know what’s coming.

WTCutter: Iko crude dropped because dollar strengthened after announcement…plus crude storage up 4.8 million barrels instead of down projected 1.8 million bbls

Iko Ward:  WT..I think there is a new pattern in town. Lets see how China weighs in tonight.

Magneticwinner:  Iko when do you expect to see the markets drop

Iko Ward:  magnetic, starting tomorrow afternoon and then all day Friday right up to 4PM. Unless we RV

Magneticwinner:  Iko starting after the closing bell…

Iko Ward:  Maybe a hint around 2-3PM
Magneticwinner:  Iko so if we RV then they can hide what is going on?

Iko Ward:  Mag…yes. Everyone will be happy and none the wiser.


Iko Ward:  You can hear a pin drop right now on the intel circuit.

Zebragirl:  Iko, methinks everyone is holding their breath.

Iko Ward: Zeebs…I think so too


Elmerf123456:  For all those that had a sense of panic because of what the market did today…Don’t! We are in a far better spot than you think we are. A lot has transpired since 2:30 est. take a mental pause, relax, give your family a hug and most importantly thank our Creator for the new life in store for you. Our celebratory goal is near finished but our good deads work is only beginning.

Elmerf123456:  I am very focused on Friday and Saturday. Believe why your here. Use what you know, demonstrate the same faith that kept you here for it was not in vein. All our signs are all around you. Let’s keep it there for now and trust your instincts. There are no coincidences, but there is and always has been a plan and it will show its face sooner than you think IMO.


PlatinumRunway: Actually we are getting closer.The codes are at the bank confirmed. didnt exchange as of yet.

PlatinumRunway:  Anyone who had appointment today it is my belief it was for prep… They are getting ready for us so hang in there…… i know its rough for everyone be encouraged.

PlatinumRunway:  Wont go into actual rates but i was advised they were on some screens others are placeholders, and this should be a Merry Christmas for Dinar land.

Fancy101:  Platinum Did they make you feel that things are closer?

PlatinumRunway: Fancy they want to start exchanges now, we are at the end i truly believe.

PlatinumRunway: Words from my wealth manager and i quote “There is no reason for anyone not to have exchanged before Christmas”….

PlatinumRunway:  Please stay grounded I only shared what was personal experience. I do believe we are at the end, just praying it will happen this time.