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PlatinumRunway: Met with wealth manager today (Wednesday) . CONFIRMED: Codes are at the, banks. Rates showing now are place holder rates not rates of exchange. Anyone who may have had a bank appointment was IMO prep.

Quote from WM today ” I dont see any reason why anyone should not have exchanged before Christmas!

Well it’s more than just excitement for me. For the first time today a WM from WF Bank looked me straight in my eyes and said I should have one of the best Christmas ever. That spoke volume

What my WM is doing is giving me daily updated infor as to what he gets in their daily memos

They met today on how to profile clients and meet specific needs. Not to mention if you have a plan you’r more likely to get better rates, perks, and better interest rates.

By the way there is not LEAVE for bank employees until after mid Jan.

I will give you all some insight on what i mean by profiling

You need to present yourself as if you are conducting business. Have your plan and backup plan together. They want our business but keep in mind they work for the bank. Here is a list of what they will look for

Did you show up on time, do you have an account set up already, how prepared are you, do you have knowledge of banking services

They will ask what are your plans & goals, long and short term
When speaking with bankers remain calm because some will be very pissed while doing your transactions

Closed mouth will not get fed, even though you may have knowledge they may not be privy to dont make them seem like they are idiots, after all they determine your final outcome

Most of all guys, greet them with a firm handshake and sound confident. They are expecting some of us to be off the chain, so they can have a reason to say we dont deserve to have this


Keep in Mind we are also interviewing them, you dont have to say yes at the first bone they throw you, a little meat makes the meal go further

Guys one more bit of knowledge and Im off to sleep

Remember Tony used to say two things, 1. Follow the money, and 2. Dont listen to what they say but what they do case and point: Remember how many banks told you this was a scam, and how they would not be participating in any currency exchange?
Well Riddle Me This, “Why were there surplus amounts of money delivered to these banks, that are so called not participatong?

Point 2 Many banks have said flat out we will not participate in any type of scam dealing with dinar or other currency….well why the HECK are you selling it to me then?

Guys it’s here, they cannot keep a lid on this much longer, trust your instincts, you will be fine!!!!

You guys are all welcome, if I have anything new, I will share it. Like I said before Elmer hit the nail on the head earlier today so keep your ear close to the ground


PlatinumRunway:  6 Simple notes for a success during exchange!


1. Be on time, that way you are taken seriously, this one of the most important life changing experiences you will ever have, so make sure you are 15 min early.  If you have to travel some distance to your appointment leave yourself a cushion.  You never know what the traffic, weather, or circumstances may pop up at the last sec.

2. Look professional. You will be profiled so look professional, business attire, or business casual. Remember not to let you worst impression be your first impression.

3. Take and index card and write down a few key things that are a must for you.  Writing them down assures you will not be stumbling during your short time period.  If you are not sure about something, say something, closed mouths don’t get fed.

4.  Be confident in what you are asking for. Nothing beats a failure than a try.  Keep in mind while they are profiling the type of client wanted for their branch, you should be interviewing them as well.

5. Please, please do not go in with an attitude of arrogance, or feel as if you are privy to information that they do not have.  Keep in mind the person on the other side of the table may not be happy to be processing all these new millionaires. Treat them with respect and always be polite.

6.  If you are not comfortable with something being said, or you have a gut feeling that there may be something you definitely don’t understand, politely end the process and find another branch. Keeping in mind that there may or may not be a lot of time to search for another exchange center or bank depending on where you live.

These are 6 simple notes that can ensure a successful exchange process.  We are TNT strong!!! See you at the banks soon!

Humor-While we wait!!

SABickford:  Note to self: Just because it Pops into my head does not mean it should come out of my mouth.

Being an adult is the dumbest thing I have ever done.

Todays To-Do List – Wake Up – Find Coffee – Pretend to be Human

It’s going to be one of those days! The voice’s in my head are fighting. My Imaginary friend is running with scissors and at one point one of my personalities wandered off.

Every Family has one Weird Relative. If you don’t knew who it is, Then it’s probably you.

Two Mysterious people live in my house. Somebody and Nobody. Somebody did it and Nobody knows who.

I Love Rumors. I always find out Amazing things I never knew about myself.

I have come to realize the “diarrhea of the mouth” is a direct side effect of “shoot-for-Brains” and people this can be a serious medical condition.

A true friend is someone that knows how crazy you are & is still willing to be seen in public with you.

My Doctor asked if anyone in my family suffered from Insanity. I said no we all seem to enjoy it.

Have you ever listens to someone for awhile and wondered “Who ties your shoelaces for you?”

I hate it when I’m singing a song and the artist gets the words wrong.

No I didn’t lose my mind. It got scared and ran away.

All you need is love and wine. Maybe some chocolate and a nap. But mostly the wine.

Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming in a resturant

When I bang my toe against something, It’s like I press a button that plays all the curse words I know

Sometimes I just wish I had the wisdom of a 90 year old, the Body of a 20 year old and the energy of a 3 year old

Arachnoleptic Fit :The frantic dance  performed just after you’ve accidentally walked through a  spider web.

No I am Not a Smart-a** – I’m a Skilled, Trained professional in pointing out the obvious and I speak fluent sarcasm!