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Iko Ward:  Gold just fell to 1050. Oil below 35. S&P starting off at -.33. Here we go.

Rock1941:  Iko is it strangely coincidental that the price of gold is hovering around the same number as the Iqd ??

Iko Ward:  rock…coincidence

New Creation:  2010 reforms…check! Iraq Budget passed//check!…Yellen raising rates…check…gold down…check…Gold, crud, silver, metals down…check! Ahhhh…its looking Goooood

KBoom:  USD is up: 99.00 +0.60 +0.61% Metals getting pounded down: Gold 1,053.20 -23.60 -2.19% Silver 13.745 -0.503 -3.53% And Oil drops again- now below 35/bbl : Crude Oil 34.92 -0.60 -1.69%

DinarDan4:  Just announced on RFD TV that the Argentina Peso was devaluing by 30 per cent today….WOW!!!!!! Commodities all down this AM.

Wadeao:  Great thing for everyone is the closer that this gets to the New Year the longer it will be before we have to pay taxes once it does happen! If there are any taxes! So that can be something positive for many of us! Look on the Bright Side!

PlatinumRunway:  Morning guys need to clear some things up for you. I am just like most of you, only difference I have a direct WM who is giving me play by play on the process as it is presented to him.

Adept: Platinum: That’s what makes your intel so exciting — you are just one of us, sharing your direct experience. Thank you!

Platinumrunway:  So by no means do I have connections with any agency, government affiliate, or foreign country, just wanted to make that clear.  Im here just like everyone else, with bills to pay and mouths to feed, so if you have an issues with that I will stop sharing information. Some people are just rude, but I wont let that ruin it for the others.

Platinumrunway:  Guys its all good, just waiting for the next nugget to drop.

DustyS. :  Just got off phone with my PB from WF said whole system is on high alert status and he thinks within the next 72 hrs

PlatinumRunway:   Dusty i believe sooner…..Only reason I say sooner is because of meeting between Wealth Managers at the following banks right now: WF, BOA, HSBC, CITI,


Elmerf123456:  No reason to misinform, no reason to try and use fluff or hype. have you paid attention to all that’s going on around you have you looked for the clues have you studied what’s going on in the background in terms of oil gold silver gas etc. have you stared at  the volume index ?

Did you pay attention to the demeanor of the speech yesterday and the cautious optimism that was implied ?

Relax folks, and get out your Sunday suit for I truly believe the transformation is about to begin !


Bryklyngyrl:  Repost:  Elmerf123456: For all those that had a sense of panic because of what the market did today…Don’t! We are in a far better spot than you think we are. A lot has transpired since 2:30 est. take a mental pause, relax, give your family a hug and most importantly thank our Creator for the new life in store for you. Our celebratory goal is near finished but our good deads work is only beginning.

Bryklyngyrl:  Repost:  Elmerf123456: I am very focused on Friday and Saturday. Believe why your here. Use what you know, demonstrate the same faith that kept you here for it was not in vein. All our signs are all around you. Let’s keep it there for now and trust your instincts. There are no coincidences, but there is and always has been a plan and it will show its face sooner than you think IMO.


Elmerf123456:  It is very appropriate that this little nook in the world is now called TNT Showtime !

Elmerf123456:  And also remember that what seems to have taken forever even for those who have been in this 12 years or more entire plan was laid out 50 years ago and there is so much different this year than there was last year and it’s coming from all sides we are witnessing a certain change and how things are done in that bodes well for all of us and I’m happy for everyone Who persevered !

FreedomBoomer:  What is life without a litte hope? This is what many share here. Ty all for sharing your hope…IKO Elmer Tenn. Platinum, Dusty….. especially in this season of Hope

Fireball92:  The Want Us to Have a Great Christmas, Holday Season… REALLY? LOL

Last week I commented on a TNT post that several years ago I was truly excited when, on TNT  C C’s, it was repeatedly said they want us to have it for Black Friday for Christmas etc etc. I actually believed them then!

After the same sort of comments now for the third year in a row I think any way at all has become such a blur. Lol. I now State again as I said the other day in that post. POPPY COCK! I truly believe that this is just being used to placate Dinarvillaians.I say,IF YOU BELIEVE IT (They care or even think about us.), BUY MY BRIDGE!

Folks, being trustingly ignorant most of us have been led down the yellow brick road and not been allowed to look behind the curtain. We therefore have become reliant upon those who appear to know ‘stuff’.

Over these five years I have come to realize that most gurus are merely shooting from the hip to satisfy readers/listeners and keep us coming back. Some, I guess just desperately need to be in the limelight.

A few gurus are up front about it and very openly profiting by plugging products or  presenting MLM opportunities. Some even sell products on their sites or charge for membership to give the information, faulty as it is.

Other gurus just pretend that Dinarians aren’t savvy enough to know how the internet works while they continue to spew information that may or may not be accurate or even truthful.

Some gurus may be doing it as a service, Special Agent Gibbs. I believe would not believe it.

There are some gurus whom I really don’t care for, but seem to have long ago hit the nail on the head. What I mean is this.

Many gurus, I believe in their own ignorance, have led us to believe all that needs to be done is simply make the decision, “Push a button” to let it go and it’s done.

This other genre of Guru constantly have said “It’s a process, it’s in the process” etc and it will be released when the process is complete.

There was a time that this really aggravated me until at some point in time I began to understand, it is a process. I will not re-state nor rehash the various scenarios we have been told. I will only say the obvious.

This international monetary reform that we have been privy to be a part of, is much more complicated than any of us could have ever imagined.

In hopes that some of the positive Intel and recent articles are true, it seems to me that finally we are nearing the end

I do not believe that the government of the USA, the UN, the IMF or any other agency or country or the leaders of said countries have given us more than a few seconds of thought if ever they thought of us at all or that we need this nor do they care whether we have a good Christmas, Black Friday or any other such ‘fal de ra’.

What I do believe is that there have been delays that have been very profitable for some big wigs and whales, etcetera. However it appears that all of this is winding down and we are nearing the end of the road.

Folks I’ve been in it five years. Many, many folks much longer than that.  Personally, I would really love to see it go down immediately and we could have an extra special holiday.

However with all the time and effort I have personally put into understanding and knowing and preparing, if some prognostications are correct and we have to wait another week or two weeks into 2016, so what?

December 25th is just another day in Dinarland really. When this is all done and said, the big picture is what really counts.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, have a good Kwanzaa whatever… Just have a good holiday season.

Last week I had a couple hundred dollar windfall that I needed to use for various needs in my life, I also contemplated buying a little bit more currency, since the Sterling debacle. Ultimately I decided to have a good holiday and darn the bills etc.

I spent the $200 on my three grandchildren for Christmas to have a good Christmas.

Right now my plan a for my life and family is: When the process completes and I get some real money, I am going to have a really REAL Christmas for my family.

I don’t care if it’s before New Year’s Day or in January, even February we will have a super fantastic Christmas celebration.

Good Christmas and Holiday Season to all Ya’ll… Fireball92


Zorro:  One thing those of us have benefitted from while taking this long rollercoaster ride is knowledge.

Not so much as to why the RV has not occurred but as to what we would do if we had great wealth.

I, for one, know now what to do with lots of money and what NOT TO DO. The NOT TO DO is the important thing here, IMO.

What Not To Do with your money takes a lot of thought; something we have had years now to think about, lol.

I also hope that everyone has a great Christmas. I hope I will still be alive when our Christmas is finally GREEN!