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Sojo:  My bank story – called WF to find a wealth manager.I asked the person who answered the phone for the currency exchange desk He said they were very busy and could he help me

I told him that I had several currencies that I wanted to exchange. He said we do not have the new rates for the Iraqui dinar yet and then asked if I had any other currencies
I had never mentioned the Iraqi Dinar. He then suggested setting up a time to meet with the WM

I live in Idaho – and have been on the board since it opened – have followed as a lurker and want to tell everyone especially Tony, Pam, Ray and the mods for all their love and support

Mobius:  IMF chief Lagarde to face French trial over Tapie affair : Thursday’s ​court decision came as a surprise as France’s top prosecutor had recom​mended in September that investigations against Lagarde in the case be​ dropped.​0151217?feedType=RSS&feedName=topNews


Thanks Ok Rocks for capturing this today!

OK Rocks :    ABOUT 8:40 AM PT….to 9:15 AM PT

LOL Iko Ward wrote    (the rolling stones 19th nervous breakdown)

Iko Ward wrote Why is Forex polling at 11:30 in the morning?

gilfonaire wrote IKO When does it usually poll?

Iko Ward wrote gil…7:15AM, 9:30AM, 5:37PM.

Iko Ward wrote How come oil is back to 34?

Iko Ward wrote Why did gold drop 30 this morning?

Iko Ward wrote Why was the S&P down 1.2%

Iko Ward wrote If we are going to manage our fortunes wisely, we need to learn how to read the signs for ourselves, not rely on others.

Iko Ward wrote In all sincerity, dear ones, it’s time to take off the training wheels.

yada wrote the value of gold dropping is due to the currency values increasing,,

Lillacgirl wrote IKO because somebody wants to make a killing in profits before it crashes

jumpinjackflash wrote Oil is back to 34 as a stabilizer…gold is down cause we are asset backed

Iko Ward wrote Remember that day? How good it felt to be free?

jumpinjackflash wrote IKO are you saying what I think you are saying?

Iko Ward wrote Fly! Be free! Shazbaat.

Lou wrote IKO dollar is up fed interest rates are up market goes with its evil twin oil TNT strong!

Iko Ward wrote Lou..last year I would have agreed. What about gold?

Lou wrote Dollar goes up gold goes down

Iko Ward wrote World RV’s, dollar goes splat!

Lou wrote IkO ….If the fear factor increases everyone will be leaving the dollar and then the gold will go up which is in the plan

Iko Ward wrote lou, I’m one of those who says we are going asset back once gold reaches less that 600.

apexdinar wrote we’re simply at 50% retracement from yesterday’s gains, predictable movement…it’ll be bumpy for a bit, we’ll see a Santa rally, then more bumps after New years’…and it’s exactly what the manipulators want you to think…it’s sleight of hand, fundamentals are gone, inversely correlated items no longer move and undulate the way they oughtta…

Iko Ward wrote apex…how are you feeling about tomorrows 670 Billion Puts

olesailor wrote IKO do you still think gold will hit 450?

Iko Ward wrote least 600, maybe down to 400 before parity

Lou wrote IkO ……. That should get you your gold price. I agree

olesailor wrote iko if you are waiting on the puts I would think that means that the PTB have to be crushed before the GCR. Does that make sense

Iko Ward wrote ole…that wont crush them, just sit up an notice. It will take years to crush.

jumpinjackflash wrote If the PTB is aware of what the Put options will create…and why wouldn’t they be…then it would be reasonable that the groups and Internet peeps would be getting 8oo’s tonight to brgin process tomorrow in order to begin to offset some of this financial turmoil that will be created in the market tomorrow.

Iko Ward wrote Jumpin…that would be smart, but who says they are smart?

Iko Ward wrote My favorite Farside cartoon….”Mr Osborn can I go home? My brain is full.”

Iko Ward wrote Just remember guys, no matter what happens, we are in a super-fantastic position. (we the currency holders)

Iko Ward wrote Well guys, got left with a honey dew list a mile long. Christmas at our house this year. bbl.

elmerf123456 wrote Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates had little to do with the state of the economy, UBS’ Art Cashin said Thursday. “They painted themselves into a corner, and they had to do it,” Cashin told CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.” “The reason they did it was not because of the economy but because they talked themselves into doing it.”


OK Rocks:  1:00 PM PT…..

platinumrunway wrote Little intel: WM said they have been in meetings all day. Cell phones collected, extended hours through Sunday, lunches and dinner brought to employees. This all in preparation for currency exchanges. There was last min training reviews, told to expect influx of people. Was not given a time or day. Expecting was the key word. The alert has been raised. I am hoping this means its time for us!!!

chardinar wrote Platinum is your WM under the impression that all wells are preparing?     

platinumrunway wrote chardinar I am assuming all over.     

platinumrunway wrote Staying grounded until I can confirm one last thing.

platinumrunway wrote a memo went out today stating that banks were now ready for public exchanges…waiting on conformation.


Dusty S. I will confirm that a memo was received by my bank this afternoon aprox 2PM to be on high alert for the release of the hold on rates