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Iko Ward:  Well, we were all walking down the yellow brick road when the wicked witch sent an army of flying stock-put monkeys to get us, six hundred and seventy billion to be exact. Some of us were smarter than others so we left town the night before, but most, because they had no clue, just sat there and watched until it was too late!

TnDr: Iko. As long as we aren’t the scarecrow getting our stuffing pulled out!

Iko ward:  No, that would be Janet Yellen.

ggee :  I’ve got news guys. A good friend of mine called a few banks in Atlanta and for the first time was told to bring in her currency so they could check it with their system. one told her a book. One said they would exchange the dong but he could see a code on the screen and then gave her a number for a second bank which does like 9 currencies. I”ll get back with more info once I find out more

mangelo : Just talked with my Wealth Manager over at chase and he said they have had meetings and when this hits he will call me…..that’s all I got for now!

Adept1 :  Elmer and Iko, Bruce and RayRen, increasing number of bank stories… perfect storm lining up.

mangelo:  Adept1 actually both Wealth Managers at Wells Fargo and Chase said the same thing.. that made me feel good. Because they didn’t know I had foreign currency until now. So he asked me how much I had and I told him… he goes oh! then he said are you still going to lets us do the inheritance money? I said yes…

Desmo : Just talked to a Chase bank foreign currency dealer/wealth manager….she said to come in tomorrow and talk to her about the currency I hold….told me that she usually gets off at 3:30 but if she needed to stay later to let her know….a bank person wanting to stay after hours….now THAT’S encouraging!!!!!!!!!!!

pinkroses :  Dusty Stephens wrote 9m ago I will confirm that a memo was received by my bank this afternoon aprox 2PM to be on high alert for the release of the hold on rates