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Iko Ward:   The markets will continue to decline through Saturday evening. We won’t see how bad until Sunday night. In the meantime, the RV gets closer and closer, maybe even tonight after 6PM EST. Let’s hope so, not just for our own well being but for all those folks who are depending on dividends for retirement income.

LocoFelipe:  I have ALWAYS believed that in order for the reval to take place… all markets have to show standard exchange numbers. We have that at this moment…all line up


rockymtnlady:Howdy!  Bit of intel: A friend of ours in Denver CO who used to be an exec for a major credit rating company just received a message from a friend still in the business that…

They received a memo today informing them that a major currency RV is about to transpire, and they are to be prepared to adjust numerous credit reports and ratings in the days and weeks ahead!

A follow-up thought…I was PM’d asking why credit companies like Equifax and Experian would be given a heads up on an RV.

just think about it. All of those old bills credit card debt mortgages car loans suddenly being paid off, not to mention all the new car loans new mortgages new credit cards etc. That’s a lot of new data input in a very short time!

OleSailor:  maybe I’m way off base but I think that is significant. It means that this is progressing to the point of affecting businesses OTHER THAN THE BANKS


PlatinumRunway:  Afternoon everyone. Im not gonna leave u guys hanging. Place holder rates are slowly being removed from bank screens. This in preparation for actual exchange rates. Not sure how long this process takes. Will be back later when i can confirm more iinformation.


Ivantulafitov:  multiple confirmations of memos, meetings, bank screens etc – all coming in + plus real factual news on laws, budget hcl gazette …. gurus who had previously been bahhumbuggish are now all santa claus 🙂 oh what will be our next great news???? this is really getting interesting now


PlatinumRunway :   8:06 PM Memo went out late this evening: CONFIRMED US banking institutions ready and on alert for possible currency exchanges over the weekend.

PlatinumRunway:  What im officially confirming is the actual memo, giving the go ahead for banks to proceed.

Emon: ty, platinum. did you hear anything more of the place holder rates and how long it takes to remove the place holders thank you in advance

PlatinumRunway:  Place holder rates believed to now be a non factor…. Just stay grounded, hope they really mean it this time.