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CharlieOK:  OK, guys and gals I am going to take a chance; and it’s for PLAT. I have a friend who has seen the Memo Plat discussed . This is my one and last comment on this, even if attacked, which won’t be in my nature not to respond to if it happens.

Tennwolfman wrote we gonna be in the bank exchanging the first part of this week, if not sooner…my WM is not only smart–she is a looker too heehee – she told me they were on extreme high alert and was expecting at any time now -its extremely close to happening now

Thru all of this I have made connections with several good info providers and we keep in touch and keep our info flowing between all of us and its beginning to get quite hot with excitement… the info coming in is awesome

TennWolfMan:  ok peeps heres the deal–bank was closed today but people inside all day and still there-If this thing dont pop tonight( and it just might) then in the morning I am going back down to my bank and if theres people in there Im going to go knock on the door and ask to speak to my WM is she is there and if not then who is in charge–enuff is enuff


platinumrunway : Fourth and inches, ball on goal line, an audible was called, quarterback has 2.5 seconds on clock. The defense has not been able to stop the run all week.

Defense has no time outs, they jumped offsides twice, Coach has to go for it now!!!!

Not expecting new information until after about 8 pm. If anything changes will come back in. Going to spend time with the family be back soon.


Happy Vet :   hearing maybe 21/22 from a banking this morning……..have an appointment on 22

RedIndian:  The only magical thing I find is that the whole “demeanor” of WMs has changed in Chase and WF on how they talk and treat me compared to last year. Now it’s all “We’d love to help you (when) it happpens.” So yes they hv been briefed at “those” levels

RedIndian:  I figured when Hawaii hit 0800 hrs today we would be “hearing ” something..but Monday we could also hear more rumblings. amazing news just in the daily financial section of Yahoo, abc, etc on how the whole nation is in upsidedownsville


Platinum is appreciated more than he knows.  Just knowing he has seen that “MEMO” we have all heard for the last week to me is prima facia evidence this thing is there.

That is good enough for me. In the legal sense we call that prima facia evidence, direct testimony to the truth of the matter asserted meaning its existence.   He has seen it and can testify to its existence.

We just have to be patient and I know that is difficult for people suffering, and anxiety especially this time of year. What folks cannot understand is that he cannot testify to its truthfulness which would be heresay, but the fact he has seen it means it exists and that is good enough for my purposes.

That is the problem folks have – they want this poor guy to have some factual knowledge about the contents and the timing and he is not the one with his hands on the switch.  So my reason for expressing this is:

1.  The lower demonations are being handed out. Why hand them out? Unless the government of Iraq is going to also hand out wheel barrows so they can go to the grocery store to carry the money needed to purchase basic necessities.

2. This Memo we have all heard about from various sources and now this kind gentleman has literally, “testified” to its existence.  That is good enough for a court of law.   Again. He cannot testify to the truthfulness but then you have to look at other things.   Who sent it? Is it common practice to send Memos to banks that are fraudulent? I think not.   So I am encouraged

3. So many other things I am aware of that all point to a culmination of this event. Bankers and others that their integrity is beyond reproach.

Hang in there — there is a great power in control and HE is watching everything