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Elmerf123456:  Anyone can give up

“Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.

We have shown human weakness from time to time feeling despair while also demonstrating strength, through encouraging others to stand fast when they feel low and alone.

It’s a special bond that few can understand.  Our journey has been very long, difficult and at times seemed endless! Many of us in this journey have been subject to ridicule by not only our own family, friends, and also fellow dinarians, who for some reason try to put others down for their own personal reasons.

Rest assured, Be proud you did not give up, give in or get out, for it makes the soon celebration of Victory all the more sweeter and rewarding and and well worth the lessons experienced along the way!”    Elmer

PlatinumRunway : Ball handed to running back (US), defense blocking for sweep to the right (China), running back crosses goal untouched!!!! Touchdown under review as stadium awaits (Dinarland, banks, IMF, Iraq, China & entire world), wait for final review!!!

JimMegs: Thanks Platinum: If he was untouched, then TD should be good upon review. Hope for no penalty!

Olesailor:  get that Ref to throw those arms stright up and scream TOUCHDOWN


[honweese] None of us want to hear “next week, next year” but it is apparently a fact, so we must all either deal with it or step off this ride.

[honweese] What it really boils down to is the fact that we have no other means of attaining the same projected end. There are no other life rafts in this ocean

[honweese] Tony gave us hope

[acdc] It’s not about believing Black Friday Christmas. The PTB are more stressed than all of dibarland as this historic transaction will make toothless crack heads billionaires. This is unprecedented

[acdc] They really are scared and has gone on way to long. This was not meant to go this long

[Evangeegt ] Yes

[honweese] They, the PTB, may be quite surprised at what we “toothless crackheads” will do when turned loose with millions in our pockets. We have been the ones who paid their wages, who sent our young men and women to war that the PTB could attain greater wealth. We know how to scrimp and save and live on a prayer and a dime. We may be quite a shock to the PTB


BadScott54:  Identify Your Support System. Nobody succeeds alone. Nobody. Friends differ. Some correct you. Others direct you. Some make you think. Others make you feel. Identify those who truly stimulate you…educate you…placate you. Meticulously build your foundation for friendship…a Support System that is the result of Thought instead of convenience. Networks Are Chosen. Dr. Mike Murdock


Maxim1:   Platinumrunway’s intel coincides with poppy3, Okie, stage 3 alpha, teenwolfe, Martha, mountain goat,ray ren, and Bruce to name a few….How any one could criticize his intel is unconscionable. Where there is smoke there is fire. We never had this kind of intel consensus before. I think we are finally home!!


[snickers] Does anyone remember that last time frame given to us where, if this didn’t happen, Iraq was going to go to heck in a handbasket or some such projected dire consequence. Maybe that’s still another one gone by, but am still hopeful for the weekend or Monday because it had to do with the markets falling. Remember, Iraq just passed their 2016 budget and some were saying they couldn’t fund it w/o an increase in the rate. So…………..we wait some more. Cheers to all.


NurseGinger:  Lesson In Life

Life’s billboard for: plan and foresight. When you fail to plan you plan to fail. When you lack the passion to plan you lack the passion to pursue.

* Looking ahead helps determine your own level of Passion.

1. You may feel excited until you see what’s Involved! 2. The planning process helps to set Priorities. 3. If you’er not passionate enough to plan you’er not passionate enough to Pursue.

* Looking ahead helps determine the resources needed to complete the task.

1. Resources can be divided into two distinct groups~ People and funds. 2. Planning helps determine who is needed 3. What their capabilities and suitability’s must be. 4. The planning process will help determine the budget for the task.

* Looking ahead helps to determine the appropriate timeline for completion.

1. Hurrying is the friend of failure. 2. A careful timeline will save you lots of money and frustration. 3. Remember that things always take longer than you think.

* Looking ahead helps you focus your energy in the right direction.

All of the above equals TIME

Tools Investment Materials Energy


Shybaby:  The IMF reforms are part of a $1.1 trillion spending package approved ​by Congress on Friday, and signed into law by President Barack Obama. ​​mf-as-us-unblocks-reforms/

RadBro:  I think this MIGHT be big … Read this:​ll-2015-12

Ubetcha:  Hey there I was just reading about the passing of the budget in the Washinton Post and the last line in paragraph six said “The Senate soon after passed both parts of the agreement on a 65 to 33 vote. President Obama is expected to sign the legislation into law.
President Obama signed the legislation on Friday afternoon.” did you know this has alreay been signed?

Since this has been signed…. the IMF 2010 should be enacted right?