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Dusty S.: I just heard from my WF PB : All WF designated exchange centers are ACTIVE and on lockdown today–Highly Expectant!!:))))

utahgirl :  dusty ! where did you hear that from

Dusty S. :  UT. from my private banker from WF…All I know he said designated bank exchange center–i don’t know if it means regular centers or ones only for our exchange??  In short I said I was advised by my PB that WF designated exchange centers are active and highly expectant today

Glurerivygtieark:   Tennwolfman Sun afternoon 20 dec: I am on pins and needles with this thing–really expecting it to come full fruition today/tonight [Sun 20 dec]. . . I’m expecting it to break loose any minute–I am absolutely thrilled at the possibilities. . . yes it is [the first time my bank has been on lockdown]–sat and sun [sat-sun 19-20 dec]. .

Glurerivygtieark:   Tenn part 2: it has been phoned, emailed, and pm’ed to me that now is our time to be ready. . . looking for after 6 o’clock est. . . but they [bank people] are still in there [in Tenn’s bank] with the doors locked–I have seen them in the bank with the doors locked today and yesterday [sat-sun 19-20 dec]. . . this time I am letting myself go just a little bit cause it looks and seems so different

PlatinumRunway:  So i see intel is lining up today hmmmmm

Imperium:  I would imagine that there are certain very powerful agencies in the USA that want this to happen THIS tax year.

G8way2K:  They want to get us done by Christmas, so hopefully, they will offer a no-nonsense exchange by making us an offer we can’t refuse.

elmerf123456 :  For me… deposit slip is my touchdown. However there is absolutely no bad news.

Iko Ward: :  Markets warming up. Probably no real firm picture till after China steps up, around 9PM EST. Nikkei will be first followed by Forex and the premarkets, Then the pundits will start in with the main media. If no RV tonight, get ready for the ride tomorrow. Can’t believe they let it go this far.


SABickford:  My Kids call it “Nagging”. I call it “Just do what I freaking told you to do the first time”!

When punishing your kids, Don’t take away their electronics. Just take away their charger and watch the fear in their eyes as they use it less while the battery dies.

I know what women want. They want you to drag them to the bedroom, throw them on the bed, and do dirty dishes while they take a nap.

Am I a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? That depends. Are we Talking Before or After Coffee?