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Iko Ward:  The Nikkei wasn’t happy tonight, but China seems to be. So far so good. If we believe all the intel it’s a moot point. Next big indicator will be the European Markets. Happy markets could mean happening RV.

Houston: I think if we have a happy market it’s because of the RV and if not it will force the RV

Iko Ward I’m actually going to bed before 11 for the first time in years.  Gonna wake up at 4 and see what’s what.

Iko Ward Dear Santa, Zim at .57, Dong at 4.62, Dinar at 7.36, Fiat exchange, 180 days to set up Tax Shelter, no taxes, Tony in Vegas. Rate upticks until April 30th, No Caps. Thank you, your friend, Iko.

And please give Rudolf a taste of your hot chocolate…he’s my favorite.

FaithB52 : Iko LOL; like your Santa letter

Iko Ward : Ya know what’s strange It might be so!

LadyB22:  Iko, I’m sending that list to Santa right now

Famous13:  hey iko when can we look for the market results to show up?

Iko Ward:  Famous, I think around 4AM the writing will be on the wall.