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Elmerf12346:  US dollar IS losing ground against the CNY, INR, IDR, PHP, KRW, TWD, SGD, HKD and NZD. Of course the Asian markets will rally with a WEAKER dollar!!! this whole game is called a GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET. It’s ALL about the currencies, the stock markets can ONLY react!

Elmerf12346:   Let’s just say that the world is lookin in at the US and the pressure is being applied and globally all things will change without any exemptions including our little corner of the world. Reactions are everywhere.

Shastaconnect:  great article on winter solstice – maybe RV day publicly?​day-of-the-year-the-winter-solstice-2015.html

Isabelle:  For those that want to know facts about the world banking system(s), there is plenty of education at

It even includes a recommended list of books which includes “Jekyl Isand” as mentioned by Tony. Warning: Lots of reading – go for it!


BrocollySaurus:  France market to close in 3 min the rest of Europe is in red.


[sunny] Dec 21 7:12 AM ON Open Mic this morning. Iraq article about paying Sept. salaries. There is a damn about to break and other countries coming in to help them repair the dam as it threatens highly populated area. Water from the lake is too acid and does not supply the needs of the people, animals or agriculture. Iraq in 3rd place for oil reserves and 4th in exporting oil.

[sunny] OM: Articles out that Mafia minuplators are messing with the auctions. So want to eliminate the mafia from the banks and why they were exploring stopping the auctions.

[sunny] OM: Release of loan 1.2 billion expected by end of year. (IMF or World bank loan, I expect)

[sunny] OM: laws being put into effect to protect independent investors and other countries investing in Iraq. People coming from other countries for a reconciliation conference and security is an issue. So conference location may be moved.

[sunny] OM: European banking laws recommendation to be changed to protect investors, and back their businesses to be sure money is at the bank level.

[sunny] OM: Japan is going to buy 2.5 billion of something that does not exist. “strange story.”

[sunny] OM: Germans cheering Janet Yellen for the FR raise of rates. It allows Germany to raise their rates.

[sunny] OM: Negotiations with Arab petroleum nations regarding the $20 brl. US passed law last week to allow US to export oil. Big glut of oil in the world, so how is OPEC going to raise the prices.

[sunny] OM: Dollar gained against the JYN.

[sunny] OM: Juan advancing and strengthening.

[sunny] OM: China is speculating this is one way to reduce their debt by strengthening of their currency.

[sunny] OM: Art cashin says from floor of stock exchange says don”t look for a Christmas Rally, but the market can turn on a dime.

[sunny] OM: Plan to unify the Iran Rial with the USD. Iran has a stable currency market and are calling for a unified exchange rate and it can only happen once the nuclear deal is finalized. Sanctions expected to be lifted in 1st quarter of 2016 and Iran connect to Swiff banking system. (side note – articles were out back in July that Iran connected to the Swiff system – so when it comes out of the middle east hard to believe what’s what)

[sunny] Om: cbi update 1182.

[sunny] OM:All the sources, even the goat, are all on the same page. Official Gazette publishes new salary scale as issued bythe gov and effective retroactively into Nov. That means it’s law. Value of dinar lowered by 1.37%. USD selling to banks/exchange companies rate that equals 1182. Exchange rate still understudy but it has changed the base rate of the dinar to the USD.

[sunny] OM: CBI on Nov. 20th listed reserves of 60 billion

[sunny] OM: Corruption in Dash and two of their leaders were executed.

[sunny] OM: Beauty queen crowned in Iraq. 1st one in 40 years. Isis invited her to join them.

[sunny] OM: It wasn’t nice they way they worded the invitation

[sunny] OM: pre- market pointing to higher open. West TX. crude is $34-34/barrel. Gold 1074 (gold is higher than last week at this time)

[sunny] OM: many currencies of other countries used in Iran. HUGE what is going on with Iran. Top oil producer. Flood the market when they come back into Int’l fold. Looks like sanctions lifted by the end of the year or in the 1st quarter.

[sunny] OM: Everything we are hearing is so very positive. HEard US banks doing private exchanges over the weekend. Multiple banks and multiple people in our groups that work for banks reportin gthe same thing.

[sunny] OM We pray this happens before Christmas. It would be a blessing.