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Iko Ward: WTI Crude didn’t move today but Brent creeped down within .40 a barrel difference. There are now 40 tankers in and around Galveston. I know we are not used to tracking this sort of thing, but it is all part of the weakening dollar in Asia and the overage in Crude reserves and the Arabs giving us the finger and everybody east of Germany kind of P.O.’d with The Western cartels. That said, I am impressed with how the PTB and balance so many spinning plates at the same time.

PlatinumRunway:  The information is still the same, still expecting to start exchanges this week. i will not go into details on timeframes because i dont know

TennwofMan: my WM said we were still right on target of any minute, any day…. no one can call the RV–no one, but the info coming in says its really really close to the end

TennWolfMan: a lot of nay sayers have said banks are not on a lock down-but time is going to tell and more and more banks are getting involved–its getting close to explosion time

TennWolfMan: Our RV is about to break the dam thats been holding it back- listen cant you hear all the pressure

Garfield:    IKO what are your current thoughts about this before Christmas, thanks

Iko Ward:  Still a go before Christmas. Christmas also a three day weekend.

Bd1:  IKO Can you tell us where things stand?

Iko Ward:  bd…if we stick with the football analogy, they are still studying the playback and the owners are having a knock-down drag out in the bar on the sidelines.

Racer25:  IKO : How did they keep dow up ? interesting !!!

Iko Ward:  racer…a combination of commodities trading, weak dollar abroad, stagnant oil, and downright opening their wallets and forking it over.

Doc:  IKO, any input on what China was up to today?

Iko Ward:  China is like the three monkeys right now, but any moment one is going to see or hear or say something and all hell will break loose.

Iko Ward:  Doc, it does help us but it hurts our retired folks who depend on 401K’s for income. China is trying their best to remain calm but it’;s like the selfish little kid who refuses to leave the cake alone until the birthday boy blows out the candles. Sometimes it’;s best to wack him upside the head and deal with the screaming after.

DriveShaft:  : IKO do you think we will get 800#s ???

Iko Ward:  Drive…I have to say I’m 50/50. Shay made a good point…why go through all that expense when you can simply put an option on your existing 800 line. “For currency exchange, please press 7.”

Racer25: IKO : The ptb are like bank robbers then when they are done robbing the bank, they kill off each other for the money !!!

Iko Ward:  TB…selfish brat. China…birthday boy’s mom.

Iko Ward:  …if we use the house of cards analogy, they have pulled out the corner card so just an inch or so is supporting the whole deck.

Bamaltc:  the RV was hot, little brother cooled it off, mom began severe punishment today.


Appaloosa: Reports: Zimbabwe government suspends use of US dollar. Bonuses to be paid in Zim dollars

AJTexas:  If this is fact, then this aligns to what Iraq is going through as we speak. Distribution and activation of their own currency and not being dependent on the us dollar. Does this mean the Global Currency Reset is upon us? December 23?

If Zimbabwe is about to revalue their currency equal to us dollar, then Iraq should be about ready as well. Since both are in the same basket, it seems that they should push the button the same time.

PacificDinar:  Thanks App. for the article.I find this very exciting news, but will this only affect in-country values of Zim currency.  The article says “The new currency will have US dollars equivalent value”.I wonder how our purchased Zim currency value will be affected.  Do we drop zeros and then calculate, etc.  I anxiously await with eager anticipation for December 23rd when this gets implemented.

grlewis2000 :  If you ready the ZIM articles it tells the dates of RV: “Banks recieve local currensy 21Dec2015” then it states “agreed date for introduction of local currency 23Dec2015.

daz] be aware that the zm report is only found on one singe website with no other media reporting the same so far


PlatinumRunway: When you guys were younger, our parents said dont touch the stove….but for some reason we (The US & PTB little brother), thought it was ok to keep touching it. Mom (China) asked who touched the stove? Big brother (Iraq) said it was not me. Mom reached over and smacked lil brother in the back of the head, said “You Gon Learn Today”.

MsGemini:  Plat – So Iraq is saying the US is interferring?

Racer25:  The ptb hands will still be hot from touching the stove !!!!

JumpinJackFlash:  I say…smack em again lest they think that first smack was only a love tap.

Platinum Runway: Guys its a hidden truth analogy.

Iko Ward:  Platinum is saying The West (US and Europe) got pulled into the cloak room today and got their knuckles slapped with a ruler by the the East (China) A lot went down today which will show up in the coming days. We are still a go for this week.

TnDr:  Nice Iko….nice. Thanks.


PinkRoses:  On way home yesterday, about 3 hours from us, we saw a Chase bank with cars in the parking lot on a Sunday, hmmmmmmmm

BadScott43:  pinkroses a young lady I know that lives in Northeast Texas went into a Chase bank and meet a very nice lady that told her she had to open an account to buy Dong andwhile they were processing the paperwork she acknowledged to her that she was well aware of the currencies and what is about to happen.

But chase does not allow them to talk to customers about the currencies.

She said she has been vested for over 5 years in dinar. Before they could complete their conversation another chase employee walked up

Iko Ward: One of our own had a nice meeting with TD today that lasted nearly three hours. Nothing monumental to report, but very nice people who listened and told what they knew about the GCR and RV. Just another positive experience with TD Bank, who i certainly plan to do business with post RV.


Iko Ward: Guys, everything we are hearing from Iraq is that they are done, they have been done for a while, and they are getting tired of Western Interest delaying this RV. This is why Abadi is in China. China has the capability to make this happen all on their own. They don’t want that, but we are leaving them no choice.

55classic:  makes me wonder if China will finally say screw you to USA and then, if that happens, will we be left out on this deal???

Badscott54:  55classic they want our currency those part of the contract rate deal

55Classic: asset backed dollars is what they want…to level the field

Crusader1973:  Iko…by “we” you mean Admin., IMF., WB?????

Iko Ward:  Crusader…more like Federal Reserve, Private Bankers (Rothschild, etc,) Defense Industry, The Vatican and Bank of England.

JumpinJackFlash:  IKO…if China has to go around US…what does that mean us the investers?

Iko Ward:  If China makes a move it will drive up the rates and benefit us.

55Classic:  China is the only one that can pull this rabbit out of the hat…obviously, someone here doesn’t want to play ball

Snickers: I have said it a hundred times in here and I’ll say it again, this thing will end in a way that no one thought of. That potential was (is) always there.

SassyD:  “We can’t be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don’t have something better.” — C. JoyBell C.
BigSkyDJ: Small town Wells Fargo Bank story

A friend of mine, also a TNT member, on Friday went into our local WF branch in small-town Montana and noticed that they had rearranged the counters and done some remodeling.

There is now a separate counter for “Foreign Currency Exchanges”.  There are also extra desks in that area where there were none before.  It seems odd to have that in a town of 40,000.  I have heard of other WF branches doing the same thing.  Hopefully it’s a good sign.  For you doubters, if I get a chance and I am bored, I will try to go the branch and get a picture.

OK, here’s an update.

I went in to the WF branch here in town myself and asked to speak to the manager. I had previously been in the bank and had made her acquaintance on another matter. She was out visiting family for Christmas, so I spoke to the district manager, Mike. I asked him why they had put in a dedicated foreign currency exchange center.

He explained that since we have an international airport (town of 40,000, go figure) and are in close proximity to attractions such as Yellowstone and Glacier Nat’l Park, there is a high demand for foreign currency. I told him that I had a few different currencies, namely the dong and said that there was speculation about a revaluation of some of the foreign currencies. I asked what he knew about them and if they would exchange them.

He specifically mentioned the dinar. He did not say that it was a scam, but said that WF did not deal with it due to it’s volatility. He said they would do transactions with other currencies.

He then introduced me to a young man named Taylor who remembered me from a past transaction. He and 2 others in the bank are trained as foreign currency tellers.

I mentioned that I had dong and he said that he had purchased back $175 million in dong from a customer 2 days earlier and that he had dong in his drawer (sounds weird, sorry!) He stated that this customer took a net loss of $3,000 when he sold it back.

He offered to look up the current rate on the dong and was unable to find a rate. He was flustered since he was able to buy some back 2 days before and knew how to look it up. When he attempted to sign in again to the foreign currency portion of his computer, he could not get in.

At that point, I thanked him for his time. He gave me his card and told me to let him know any time I needed help and to ask for him specifically.

Well, there you have it. Everyone at this branch was helpful and the word “scam” never came up. I told them I viewed this as an investment and if I had to sell it back at a loss, I would consider it as just that, an investment. I have no intention of selling anything back prior to the RV.

I would feel comfortable using this branch even though I am not a big WF fan. I can quickly change my tune!