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Elmerf123456:  Have you seen the signals? Have you read the real articles? Have you paid attention to all the economic indicators that are stating change. Listen carefully because the change is here, the pressure economically have been applied and you will see the reality finally come into focus! It’s time!

Elmerf123456:  Iran in IMF Spotlight  Link

Elmerf123456:  Looks like asset backed currency is lining up nicely!!!! okay here is ​link…

KMan:  Zimbabwe prints new currency to be backed by gold…..  Link

Doni:  New currency for ZIM? Is this going to negate the notes we have? Just wondering out loud. Not trying to make trouble.

Elmerf123456:  I knew someone would ask that. It doesn’t change anything. Just like China will go gold. We exchange period….. Just like all currencies. Change from fiat to asset period!

Tishwash:  PEOPLE please remember articles that go out in Zimbabwe are for the people in zimbabwe we are here and I BLIEVE our currency will be fine to exchange… I don’t think we could transact commerce with the notes we hold but I believe we could only exchange out what we hold they want that old stuff off the market

Rxsaleokc:  That ZIM article is 2014.

JumpinJackflash:  I think the date on the article is a mute point since they still have to have new currency depicting their gold bac status. Does not matter that it was written in 2014

Elmerf123456:  the grand plan is over 50 years and we have known it will go gold backed well over a year so I have no qualms with that article date. More load that was closed will now open for the changes coming. The article date plays little significance but only to the skeptic and those who don’t understand the big picture in play


okrocks : World War 3 is not fought on land, its fought in the global financial arena
coyotehunter:  Follow The Money folks. okrocks well said

okrocks : unfortunately like any war its the citizens who suffer… will it go down hard or harder is the question

cookiecutter : you know there has to be some people that really knows what is going on… the real story… I am surprised someone hasn’t exposed it yet.
IWFG1818 L Cookie – people are exposing it little by little…at great personal risk

coyotehunter :  Our distinguished leaders are letting the PTB paint us into a corner. Plan and be prepared. Follow The Money

IWFG1818 :  Coyote – who do you think controls the distinguished leaders?

coyotehunter :  IWFG Who has the money?

IWFG1818 :  Exactly … Leaders have no power. Who controls the military machine?

coyotehunter :  IWFG Same answer. Corporations, also big banks, none of them want to lose what they have had in the past.

IWFG1818 :Coyote – yep … Someone is in control but it’s not our distinguished leaders letting the PTB paint us into a corner…. And if a leader tries, well he’s 86-ed pretty fast…..But the good news is that more and more good guys are coming together to take a stand. It’s risky business because the system is fragile..

okrocks :  Those who have run the world are being taken to task… we will win…in the meantime hang on to your faith and your currency… our day IS coming

IWFG1818 :  Yes, this is ultimately a spiritual war of epic proportion and a page turner indeed. Yet the ending has been written in the wind!


Changeagent720:  guys what happened was the dinar was supposed to reval quietly shortly after desert storm, but got balled up in other countries wanting to change their currency values.

Meanwhile we all found out about it. So what was intended for the wealthy “in the know” folks became a scam to keep other toothless crackheads like us from getting in .

We see how well that went.