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Platinum wrote: You guys enjoy your Christmas, u will all be celebrating an extented Christmas shortly!!

Beethovin:  RV for January 1 always made more sense to me from a corporate accounting standpoint than December 25. Anything prior would necessitate currency adjustments by people that don’t even know about the RV. Mayhem indeed. From a personal standpoint I wish it already occurred.

marty100 :  The stage is set, the trading platforms are closed so the big boys can’t jump in at the last moment, yes I think we are there.

SassyD:  hummm… Millions of Internet users will not be able to secure access​ to their sites next week — 12/24/2015 — ​ ​%3Fid%3D4462476&usg=ALkJrhibAGGs7OU3QBzLkmjeN1Ys-hKlNA


[xyz] Iraq And Kuwait Sign Memorandum Of Understanding In Various Fields

[xyz] Dollar tumbles against major currencies, and tends to incur a significant loss


Diadeso:  Minor Bank Experience 12-24-15

I went in today to reopen a simple savings account at a local small Chase. The gal helping was nice but a Manager insisted on sitting in on the account opening, looking over her shoulder at her screen, etc.  He was SUPER serious and only thinly friendly.

Chase locally  has been consistently more picky-uney, uptight & weird in general than the other 2 main ones here in town.  Three for three times I’ve dealt with them.
They did ask if I needed to make any International Wires or anything (yeah right like I look like someone funding a creepy group. Obviously the gov has been on them for a long time re. those things.)

I also think the Mgr realizes the GCR is real and people will be exchanging.  There was a lot of anger under the surface along with the suspiciousness.  Seriously, I had already had an account, was not a total unknown, look very average & educated & not a kid either. Not too sure what he had to be SOOOO suspicious about.

I had not said a word about currencies.

However, probably tons of people have opened similar accounts & DID mention them. When he relaxed & stepped out, I asked her who was the wealth manager & also who handled foreign currencies.  She said “any teller could order them”.  I let it go at that.

I think we need to be prepared for odd & sometimes hostile feelings from these employees.  Anticipate a pleasant & clean exchange experience…. but don’t be too surprised if the undercurrent feels really funky.  They’ve (illegally) been told not to buy it (how could that be legal?) + lies about it all.

It can’t be Constitutional for a bank boss to tell an employee they cannot make this or that investment, or buy foreign currency.

And realizing all the junk on the job it took from them to rise to be a Manager is now eclipsed by missing an enormous opportunity of a lifetime – one can’t imagine how bad that feels.

Anyway, I’m established with 3 of them again… just in case… & how odd it is to be frequenting institutions I have long avoided & disliked.  “Never say never” & strive for Neutrality in all things vs being reactive.

Happy Holy Night.