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FreedomBoomer: I am reposting currency 365 says this wk…this is big news….

NetGlobal:  Freedomboomer, that was a very good explaination of the WB loan and the things that must happen in the next 6 days in order for the loan to complete.

Briona:  So it looks like it is to go from any minute to mid January. It is any ones guess at this point.

NetGlobal:  Yeah I think so Briona. I just listened to freedom365 and he is saying that the WB loan to iraq is dependent on iraq showing the new value by dec 31st. So that falls inline with the other intel

Goodtimes1: Yes no new rate no loan
Isa52bc:  Here is what I will say: I watched the chart drastically change right before my eyes for one of the currencies we hold at 7:54 PM mst…. OK, for everyone who is asking about what I’m seeing on forex…we are waiting to see if the number holds until tomorrow. Let’s all hope it does! That is all I will share at this point.

Lilypad:  According to Frank26 Monday call, we should be able to see some changes beginning on Dec. 26th. Only time will tell!

Iko Ward:  Forex showing weakening on the dollar. Lots will be happening tomorrow and Sunday in the back rooms. Also look at gold and crude as well. IMO this is no longer about Iraq. It’s really when China decides to go.

Smartblonde55:  Iko, how long is China’s fuse?

Iko Ward:  Smart blonde…days

Isa52bc:  Iko, Thank you! I’m ready!!!!!!! China seems like they are making moves to be ready as well. Your thoughts on the press on the new AIIB from China?

Iko ward:  Isa, it’s all there

Isa52bc:  I have been watching this pair [USD/IQN] for nearly two years. I take several print screens daily. I watch whales do their trades at specific times of the day. Tonight I watched this chart change before my eyes in a way that was not a whale trade, it is a whole lot better…and it is still holding!

Danblessed:  Whale trade?

Isa52bc: Dan, yes…these trades are done at very specific times of the day with very specific values of the currencies we hold. I am only able to see them happening for less than two minutes at a time.

Crushr13: Well, Tony kept saying a prime time for it to happen is on a long holiday weekend. Wow! Like this one here. And at the end of the year, for bookkeeping purposes. Sure hope he was right!!