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SmartBlonde55:  Is the AIIB a forcing function for us?

Lucky:  Smart…the AIIB is a major part to the big picture going forward (imo)

JerseyBoysFaninMN :  Tenn – Is it safe to say that you and Platinumrunway have been asked to be silent… And that you and he are obliging?

Tennwolfman : Jersey–yes

chardinar :   And platinum too? Boy I missed a lot taking yesterday off sheesh

JerseyBoysFaninMN :  Both Tennwolfman and Platinumrunway stated that they had been asked by their sources to be quiet because we are so close. Platinumrunway signed off and said goodbye. Tennwolfman is still with us, but he just left for a while to get things done today. All is well. We are CLOSE!!!
JerseyBoysFaninMN :  (Tidbits from OM Friday Night)  It appears that the AIIB was opened up to all countries to join. Most did… With the exception of Japan and the US. With the AIIB…. They are no longer subject to the IMF rules and desires, so that let’s China do their own thing.

Second thing… Someone received notification from a high level Wells Fargo official that Tuesday is the day this will go full blast.

You know how that goes… Treat it as rumor.

I’m going to say this… We’re just talking right now. How many times did you just shake your head when you were listening to a call, and the reason it didn’t go that day was the stupidest thing you’d ever heard?

I think the PTB (I’m not talking about President Obama now… rather the Rothschilds and those in charge of the U.S. financial system)  came up with another doozy to stopthings. They seem to have waaaaaaaay too much power. The AIIB is leveling the playing field, in my estimation.

Back to the AIIB for a second… I’m speculating that China did the AIIB thing because the U.S. (and those controlling the money in the U.S. aka Rothschilds) were just not willing to give up their wicked ways. They gave them many chances, but the U.S. wouldn’t budge. So they literally went around them.

It leaves us in a wonderful position… because it’s forcing their (those in power) hand. Everything is lining up for us to exchange. They are running out of excuses…. And have been for quite a while now.


Iko Ward:  WTI is pulling away from Brent Crude. There are now 72 Oil/Chemical Tankers off Galveston. Forex closed out the week at 1067.7 All the articles out there are positive . Everything points to a major shift in world monetary policy and a move toward the East and BRICS. Iraq has been ready for months. Please hold.

Natok:  a while back someone posted a link showing the ships that were just sitting, waiting. Can someone re post that link? Ty

Gramps77:   @natok

Kue911:  My best friend has close contact with 4 star general. He told my friend that there are around 100 tankers of shore

55Classic:  I think they realize that once this RVs, etc…oil prices will jump up…so they wait