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Elmerf123456:  UN, US, UK, France & Iran officially congratulate Iraqi government on victory in Ramadi against Daesh terrorists

Skyward100:  I was in chat early morning and I will repeat what I said…. Soon the world will be blessed in many ways and the ones (s) or greed of this world will stand in shame. Until we wait patiently a d be glad because we are part of this historical event

Gita:  A Dinarin friend of mine who’s cousin just returned from Kuwait for the holidays stated when in Iraq what use to cost him a dollar now cost $3.00 + change. I found that interesting something has happened in the country…. Just not international yet

ALLonghorn:  IKO on OM is currently watching several elements on the markets which will indicate to him that the RV is at the door. He feels like once one falls they will all move and the RV will happen very suddenly. Great anticipation right now


SassyD: How to Stay Safe with Mobile Banking —​e-with-mobile-banking/?cmpgnid=orgsch-bt-cm&src=S00000F6E&ef_id=UQTj-w​AAHqUA2KeY:20151228234622:d