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PilotJim:  Just a quick note on all the research I have done over the last few years. Studies have shown that 35% of lottery winners declare bankruptcy within 10 years and that does not include a good percentage of people who lose most of their wealth.

There are four basic reasons people lose windfall wealth.

These losses are often the result of poor planning and being unprepared emotionally to handle wealth.

People who have built wealth slowly have had time for their emotions and habits to develop to catch up to their wealth.

With sudden wealth this is not the case and the emotional fallout can be destructive. Emotions come into play in many ways, with relatives and friends investment ideas or pleas for charitable donations.

In addition, it is often hard for people to handle how they should live when they suddenly find themselves rich. If you are not emotionally grounded and don’t have a plan, the wealth will make your life difficult.

The key to your success is to recognize this and deal with it emotionally and plan your transition of the wealth.

Dallred123:  Ok a quick update from my bank buddy. He said all went well last night not a single glitch on any test that they ran it was made very clear to him that he is to be available and coherent from last night until after Monday