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lilypad :  Frank26, on his call last night, said “if” the customs and tariffs are actually activated on Jan 1 and “if” the budget is actually opened on Jan 1, he will be holding a SPECIAL CALL on Friday Jan 1. This could be another indicator of rate


EdwardK:  China Shuts Down FOREX at Foreign Banks to Try to Stop Dollar Rise


Maxim1:  Landa China Global is reporting their funding has been released to their banks. I think it is confirming everything else we are hearing. We are close ….no doors are closing…

I do know that they are one of the designated bond redemption oversight organizations.

If they have received their funding that is definitely a positive for us…since the RV/GCR and Bond Redemption are joined at the hip.

Here is the Landa China Global Replay number

641 715 3589 pin 484959#  then hit # again when they ask for code