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dallred123 :  Got a text that just said “have a very wealthy weekend” from my bank buddy

dallred123 :  I am pumped!

luvwulfs : Depends Alert!!!


efremneal :  Received a call from a military buddy of mine, his inlaws in India exchanged their Dinar today. He didn’t know for what Rate! Money in the bank immediately. So excited, had to share.

I’m ecstatic , haven’t heard from him in over six months. He’s been deployed for two years in Korea .

Just sharing the information I received from my buddy, we served two Combat tours together in Iraqi.

He said they were very satisfied and excited.

FaithB52:   efremneal Thank you for your service to our great nation! .

OKRocks:  Live link Dubai news, fireworks and fire

SassyD:  The Drudge Report is just full of “Goodies” today !!!! ..

Rrrr:  What a Year this has been. Our dreams of abundance so close, so redundant. The lows are constant, but the highs so exciting. But our moments seems clear and so intensely inviting. The past has served as a Tudor, appreciate our knowing, that although the final moment is unclear, our resolve continually growing. So Glasses up Dinarians, Lets close out 2016 with a toast. Let our New Year begin with a worldwide commitment to make the world a better place, spreading love and contentment.